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  1. Dan C

    Wheel horse suburban

    What model is that? Looks great
  2. Dan C

    854 with blade and 38" deck

    Did you sell your 854?
  3. Dan C

    Wheel horse Subruan Belt Guard

    Will this fit a suburban 400. If so what is your price I also live in Massachusetts
  4. Dan C

    For Sale1988 520-HC

    Do you have any pictures
  5. Dan C

    1967 E.T. Rugg

    I have two 1967 ET Rugg manufacturing lawn tractors. One has been restored the other would make a nice project for restoring or custom race mower. I have the decals to restore it . And if I remember all the parts are there, but I don't know much about that one. The transmission feels good and the motor turns over. the Person that I got these from said he hasn't ran it since he restored it. P.S. nothing in the background is for sale. Don't ask. Local pickup only. Thanks, Dan.C
  6. Hello thanks for your input. Like I said in my previous post i still haven't seen pictures of this exact tractor. I'm going to pick it up Wednesday the 20th then I hope to post more pictures. Thanks
  7. Hmmm. does it have any value?it was my grandfathers friends. It has been in a shed since 2000 when the starter went. I’m going to get it in my possession in the next week or so. I’m very confused over this one. I can’t even find pictures of one of these. Not that looks like the one i am getting soon. Thanks a lot everyone. keep digging
  8. Do you have any idea what it is?
  9. Does anyone have any pictures of this tractor is has an 8 horse Tecumseh engine. Model number is 1-0277-8 it has foot rest not a running board style. Also has a no right side pedal. The pictures I've seen are not the tractor I have. Thanks this is all it will let me upload for pictures 😡
  10. Dan C

    Dual wheel adapters

    I think I saw some on RI. Craigslist 🤔🤔
  11. hey,  Bob do you still have that suburban deck?

  12. Dan C


    Hello, looking for a mower deck for my 1960 suburban 400. Also a slot hitch. Thanks DanC
  13. Hello, I have a chance to buy a reel mower that came off of a 1962 tractor. (Model unknown) can anyone tell me if this will fit on my 1960 suburban 400.