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  1. I have a 1973 Wheelhorse 8. I picked this machine up in September. It's all original but hadn't run in 5 years. I got it running and plowed some snow with it, but it's never really run right. It seems like while it's running, it has intermittent spark...seems like the motor is skipping. Now the latest problem is I went to start it and it wouldn't start...it just turns over. It had no spark. I have power to the positive and negative side of the coil. I changed the coil, the solenoid and even put a different battery in. I had these parts on hand and I know they are good parts so I didn't spend any money doing this. It is still the same problem. I have power on both positive and negative sides of the coil and the minute I put the positive cable on the battery with the negative side off, I have power to the coil and solenoid. I am starting to think it's the safety switches. I have one on the clutch and one on the PTO. I have a new ignition switch on order. The wiring is all original and not cobbled together. Any help would be appreciated.