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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am in the course of restoration of my rototiller WHEEL HORSE, it leaks with the joint of junction of the two plates, I will be able to remake a joint, as it is necessary to disassemble, I will want to change the joints seal 3/4 ID, seal 1 1 / 4 and bearings at the same time. I found an exploded view of this machine, and the references but they changed, I saw 6 in part 6 1303 that will be the new share 100441 to see. The marker 7 leaves 1482 I can not find; also the bearing in landmark 5 part 6833, could someone help me?
  2. PETIT


    Thank you very much!!! I am very very happy for all this information, it is a great honor to preserve this material, for my brother, for the brand, for the quality, robustness and beauty of these machines. I will do everything to keep them in the best condition possible, I found a motor that has 250 hours that I put on my brother's before renovation, it is like new. I will continue my collection of tools to expand the family hoping one day find a front loader, my dream ... long life to WHEEL HORSE cordially Arnaud
  3. PETIT


    For the pump, I did not change it, the tractor was in hydraustatic (it was just used to make the tractor forward) I unscrewed the two plugs on the side I connected the cylinder that I recovered on a seller site, I tried, it works, the actuator is well powered is the tractor ahead. I do not know what to change, can you help me?
  4. PETIT


    Little rectification, my brother was a repairer in the mower (not the camper) is he gave me before his death. not a bull blade but a blade for dirt and snow bad translation
  5. PETIT


    Hello everyone, A big thank you for these answers, I'm glad to know that there are people who know this material. This tractor comes from my brother who was a repairman in the motorhome and who had seen the quality of the machine, he had bought it where he worked. He told me before they died and I really care about it. He had completely redone the cut by recovering the pulleys and fixing system, I created a side exit and remade an aluminum turbine with a suspention on the suport of the turbine (too heavy) to balance the cut. I found tools in addition to cutting, a rotovator, a bull blade, a trailer and little brothers: a 12 AUTOMATIC CHARGER and a TORO 416 and yes I needed more power to launch the cast iron turbine and I do not use the tractor that I have completely disassembled, degreased, sanded, and repainted. I redo stickers and a viewfinder smooth aluminum (which does not appear in the photo) my dream would be found a front loader, I have a lot of land to move every year and have to do it to the hand. I do not think there was this in FRANCE, one of my friends made one but he is very strong on the mechanics of more than thirty WHEEL HORSE and TORO in WHEEL HORSE and TORO in collection, it's great ... I attach some pictures of my work. cordially Arnaud
  6. PETIT


    I thought there were two different oils, one for the deck and one for the transmission
  7. PETIT


    I saw this gauge, with this little hook, she for the bridge but not for the transmission
  8. PETIT


    Here is the picture of this pump, I unscrewed the big top plug to fill but I do not see where the limit is
  9. PETIT


    Thank you very much for this information, I will try to translate the files in French to find where the oil level is.
  10. PETIT


    Thank you for this answer, yes it is not the oil of the pond but the oil of transmission. there is no gauge or level on this pump. The model of the tractor is 1-0491 series 144702 gearbox 90-1140 series 03-PD13473
  11. Hello everyone, can you help me please, I added a hydraulic cylinder on my WHEEL HORSE CHARGER 12 AUTOMATIC and it lacks oil in the pump under the seat. I unscrewed the cap above and I completed the oil by turning the pulley by hand to rotate at the same time as the filling but I do not know at which level I stop, there is no gauge on this pump. Do you have a technical manual for this machine? Best regards, Arnaud
  12. Hello everyone,
    Thank you for your comments, it's nice,
    For my oil, I worry about not having an answer, I hope that someone will be able to inform me,
    Best regards,
  13. Hello everyone,
    I do not know the computer or the language and I hope that you have received my photos, otherwise do not hesitate to ask me, I am always looking for the type of oil that is put in the Hydraulic circuit (red oil) over the rear axle, I added a hydraulic cylinder and I must miss the oil, there is no gauge on the pump and I do not know this material,
    Can you help me please?
    Best regards,