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    I have had many, but right now i am down to a small herd of C195's. 60" HD deck, 50" tiller and other attachments.
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    84, C-195, 3pt, pto.

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    Nees/Denmark/Europe most of the time, or else you can find me stateside
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    R&D devolopment engineer
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    Wheel Horse, My wonderful kids and wife, Hunting, Fishing, Reverse engineering, Restoring vintage cars, ECU programming, tinkering, improving and upgrading things, and many more.

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I have only owned Wheel Horses for 3 years now, and is still wet behind the ears. Furthermore, English is not my native language, so please excuse any oopsies and/or linguistic offenses, that might be explainable by the fact that I basically learned English more or less on my own from tv. :text-imsorry: