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  1. Skipper


    Hi Alessia I have access to one here in Europe. Would be a lot easier to ship from here than from the US, also much faster. Let me know if you want me to get it for you. It has a 60" deck and app 500 hours. Looks really good too. PM me for contact info, if you like to talk further.
  2. I hear that 2x16 cylinders are what's suggested in the DIY plans. Remember to figure inn the speed of the cylinders, if you mix sizes. Oh and now that you are an Inventor user, I would love to see some stress analysis on your approach
  3. Skipper

    Front end loader

    Just posted the PF plans in the classifieds section, if you should be interested
  4. Set of PF engineering plans/drawings with material lists and all complete. Decided not to use them, so if anyone is headed for a build, either a FEL or a Backhoe, or both, feel free to get in touch. I'm sure we can find a price you will like. Also for sale is the by PF Engineering specified cylinders, valves and pump, all brand new. These items are located in Denmark, so shipping in Europe only is possible on those items. Shipping world wide is not a problem for the drawings. Thanks
  5. Skipper

    Front end loader

    I have the PF plans. Both FEL and Backhoe. Bought them as a shortcut so to speak, not having to invent everything over again. I had hoped I could just use all dimensioning and so on. It is tedious to do all the load calculations etc. However, a fresh start is most certainly what is going to happen, having looked closer at the plans. There's just too many points where my little engineering heart skips a beat, and my mouth lets out a little Hmm. That Johnson however, seems to have at least some well thought out engineering principals as cornerstone, which many other GT FEL's seems to have missed in the hurry. Just my Oh, and I have a set of not really used PF plans up for sale if someone should fancy them.
  6. Skipper

    Ag tires/wheels

    I'm in need of tires or complete rear wheels with AG/BAR/LUG/R1/Puller tires in good condition. 23" and 24 " tires, minimum 10.5 wide, for/with 12" rims. If tires are cracking or damaged in other ways, there is no interest. If rims have much rust, there is no interest. Cash Payment! Location, Northern Indiana, just south of South Bend. PM what you have, and we can take it from there. Thanks
  7. Skipper

    Frustrated trip

    @Tractorhead Just send me a PM with a list of what you need. I have a new container full of tractors and parts leaving the US this year also, so I can bring whatever you want, if I don't have it on the shelves already Im in denmark, but I can also ship it to you if you like
  8. Skipper

    C-141 drive belt sanity check

    Try the tight belt again, and adjust a little bit on part nr 22. If it ain't adjusted right, it may restrict the clutch idler from loosening fully up
  9. Skipper

    d160 lost all hydro

    That's right. I forgot about the lift not working. I do not see any other option than loosening connectors in the system, and find out where there is, and where there ain't oil flow then.
  10. Skipper

    C-141 drive belt sanity check

    AFAIK you need the 7473. Any 5/8" x 82" belt should work just fine. Why not just measure the old belt, and get one the same length, or closest match smaller. And those jumps in belt size there, those are big. No wonder it acts up from one to the other. You do not have an adjust on the clutch lever, so that you could loosen it up a bit?
  11. Skipper

    d160 lost all hydro

    If it flows, there is no need to check the suction line AFAISI. If you have pressure and flow of oil, there must be something wrong else where. Motor or trans. It's not just a busted key in a hub I presume.
  12. Skipper

    How much weight is too much

    This is why god invented tubes
  13. Skipper

    How Do You Sharpen Your Blades?

    I have done it that way countless times too. But a belt sander is what I use now. Much faster, and easy to make a straight blade on with the correct angles etc.
  14. No harm in doing it, I'm sure you will be just fine with it. It's not like the battery cable if bending and bouncing away. Try to fixate it as much as possible, without ruining the function of it.
  15. Is it single core or multi core? Problem with aluminium wire is that aluminium gets metal fatigue rather quick, so it is no good where wires move all the time. In a fixed installation, like in a homes internal wiring, nothing moves, and it is just fine. Put this stuff in your car, from frame to door, and it will live very shortly, especially if it is single core. The more cores, the better it is at withstanding flexing.