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    I have had many, but right now i am down to a small herd of C195's. 60" HD deck, 50" tiller and other attachments.
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  1. This was the unicorn that started my addiction. It has just been listed for sale on FB. Wish I had space to bring it home, but unfortunately it is not in the cards............... Perhaps someone else from the forum want's it.................. Hope it goes to someone that will let us follow it, and perhaps put a conclusion to this great build.
  2. I would like to suggest putting the dual carbs on as a two stage system instead, 1 stage runs as normal, and when carb one is fully open, you start to tap into nr. two. = no hassle of having them run precisely as one. A big thing to steal power is if each cylinder does not yield about the same That's why balancing is so very important for a good result on engines set up with individual carbs, and I frankly dont think those simple little carbs can realistically be set up to perform exactly the same. Just my
  3. Skipper


    When you take your horse for a drive
  4. Skipper

    D250 for sale

    Very very nice 250
  5. Skipper


    I can only recommend the seller. He has always been a decent and honest guy in the dealings I have had with him, and I consider him a friend. Need anything WH, he probably has it. I know he has two 195 right now, so............................. I could be interested in you 175 with the loader on it. You could drop it off in route to picking up the 195. And if that 195 runs good, that is a really good price with 3pt. and rear pto.
  6. Skipper

    60" deck on C-161???

    to red square
  7. Skipper

    60" deck on C-161???

    I would for sure try to find a doner with gear reduced steering also. Its a huge improvement! Another option, even though not a good one IMO, is to swap inn smaller front wheels. On HP, yes you can run it, but don't expect 22HP to be much more than enough. You will still be able so bog it down some it thick grass. The ones I have run with 19 and 20 kohler and 20 onans have been marginal powered. It will work for sure, but I often find myself having to slow down because there simply isn't power enough to maintain good RPM's. It's nothing you should worry about, just a heads up. Well build professional machines have 5-7 hp per foot of cut, in order to just power thru most anything. And take this from a guy that has run pretty much all types of WH decks. A correct set up 60" HD deck, newer model with gauge wheels and high lift blades, cuts so freakishly nice that nothing else in the WH arsenal comes even close. And, do you have a big lawn with lots of open space, it is significantly faster too. It does however limit the nimbleness in tighter spaces. Compared to a 42" deck, it has cut my mowing time to half. I currently run one on a 195, and a 195 goes about 16-17% faster than the others, because of the bigger wheels. The 60" cuts perfect, even at full speed. Cant say that for most of the rest. Also to consider. That 60" is not a light weight, easy to handle thing. So if the hassle of it's size and weight is not a nogo for you, and you have a lot of grass, I bet you will be stellar happy with it.
  8. To buy it just to put it out of it's misery. Browsed our local version of craigslist, when I stumbled upon this. Guess this is the human analog to a cup of Coffey in the keyboard. Something is shorted out for sure! Note the elegant support for the exhaust. Nice touch. Note the Cupholder?
  9. Skipper

    Ag tires/wheels

    PM sendt. The ad is still active, meaning I am still looking for tires or complete wheels
  10. Skipper

    Slot hitch question

    Thank you. I had a hunch that was the case, but wasn't 100% sure. Thanks a lot
  11. Skipper

    Slot hitch question

    Has the slot hitch changed over time, or is it a universal fit for all models of wheel horse. Lets say a slot hitch from a C series or classic, would that fit say a 1057?, or even the older round hood models?
  12. Fuse directly after, and as close to the battery as you can with reason. Go for the smallest fuse you can find. That pump wont use much current Relay size is fine, and of no concern, as long you dont overload it. It can handle up to 40 A, and will work just as fine with no or very little load, which is the case here. Put your pump in a cool place, under tank level. Heat is what pumps dont like, and they don't suck good either.
  13. Skipper

    pto clutch

    yes, but don't make it too thin
  14. Skipper


    Hi Alessia I have access to one here in Europe. Would be a lot easier to ship from here than from the US, also much faster. Let me know if you want me to get it for you. It has a 60" deck and app 500 hours. Looks really good too. PM me for contact info, if you like to talk further.