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  1. J854D

    Hi From oHIo!

    Thanks everyone for the many welcomes & for the 854 manual link that 953 nut sent. It is very appreciated! There is a lot of good stuff in the Wheel Horse reference section! Unfortunately I can't get pictures to you for now since I lack the neccesary equipment & convenient access to the internet. I hope to get cracking on my 854 in the warmer days of next spring. It's too cold here in Ohio already! -Jerry-
  2. I have a RM324 mower deck on my 854.It is in solid shape for it's age.I have searched the deck thourghly for an ID tag or decal & I can't find anything or any remnants of one.(metal tag rivets or rivet holes or painted over decal) The PO had painted the deck, but he had taped off the "caution" & "keep well greased" decals & they are in good shape. A few pictues i've seen here on Red Square & elsewhere online shows some of the ID tags being located on top of the deck in front of the RH gear cover. My goal is to do an authentic restoration of the mower deck including a replacement model/serial no. tag if it was originally equiped with one. My question is, did some mower decks leave the factory without an ID tag? Perhaps if they wre included with a tractor that they were sold with? Thanks for any information that you may have. -Jerry-
  3. J854D

    Hi From oHIo!

    My name is Jerry from LaRue, Ohio. (50 some miles north of Columbus) I have a non-running Wheel Horse 854. I'm just at the beginning stages of repair/restoration of it. (gathering up small parts & collecting data/info) I have some question that I'll try to post in the correct content area. Red Square is a great place for all kinds of help & information!