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  1. CX519

    Kohler K310s REPOWER

    Thank You for serving. My family and I are very thankful.
  2. CX519

    Identifying big block Kohler block styles

    Awesome Job. Way to educate.
  3. CX519

    Kohler K310s REPOWER

    So. I threw a rod in my Kohler K301s. Tractor is down. But, with a little research, the service manual, and guidance from Norman at www.isavetractors.com, I managed to tear it all down to the block. She cleaned up real good. All of it. But the crankshaft is questionable. I will be sending the block, crank, and camshaft out for machining. Looking for a replacement engine...i.e. something more modern. What type and model will fit for a replacement for the K301s? I will update pics in a bit.
  4. CX519

    1974 C-120 8-Speed

    "Well...I came across an old Harley muffler...got it for nothing. But stilI, I wonder." Naw...it's too heavy. So here's $29.50. Cool man...Cool.
  5. CX519

    1974 C-120 8-Speed

    What about a mini kid sized tractor? Has anybody seen anything like that? Ok, maybe not mini...but smaller than usual.
  6. CX519

    1974 C-120 8-Speed

    Very nice. Hafta cover it with an old Maxwell house can for now. Probably go for an old used one for now...but your spot on with that muffler and fair....again very nice.
  7. CX519

    1974 C-120 8-Speed

    Ha. Y'all nuts. (with gritted teeth) I been trying to post pics. Yahoo. There is some pics.
  8. CX519

    1974 C-120 8-Speed

    Thanks, glad to own wheel horse again.
  9. Hello. I owned a wheel horse years ago and sadly had to part with it. But recently I purchased a C-120 8-Speed for 4 bills. Came with: 36" snow blower, 42" mower deck, and a 36" tiller. I seem to be missing the lift arm and lift bracket for the snowblower. Also something about the tensioner pulley. Where to get parts? I live in Michigan's thumb. Any local wheelhorse fanatics? Anyhow....I've got it all together, greased the heck out of it and fluids are all new. Was looking for manuals and any help. Hopefully I can help someone in return. Good Luck to all!