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  1. TonyToro

    Rear end strength questions

    Awesome! Nice machine! I really like the sound of a twin and over 4000Rpm is even better!lol Are you running quick change pulleys? I need to get an assortment of those for my sons new tractor. Is that a transfer sled?
  2. TonyToro

    Rear end strength questions

    Thank you Garry I have some reading to do!
  3. TonyToro

    Rear end strength questions

    Nice! I am really impressed what these tractors can do! We just trying something new and to get the edge on the competition. Lol We are trying to keep maximum strength and deliver the most power to the tires. These tractors were only meant to do limited work. Pulling is really pushing what the tractor was designed to do. The nice thing with Wheelhorse is that the weak link is either the belt or keyway in the axle. Our newest tractor is a 14hp engine with lots of engine work. I am going to do some more work to it before next season and have it dyno'd. We are thinking it should be around 22hp when dialed in. We pull in 3rd gear at 4000RPM. So we need to get those tires turning.
  4. TonyToro

    Need Pulling hitch

    Please message me pictures.
  5. TonyToro

    Rear end strength questions

    A few of us here in Connecticut have been talking about this recently. One guy is thinking to remove unnecessary gears in the 8 speed. Less rotating mass. Another is thinking he has located bearings to accept the 1 1/8” axle into the 4 speed rear end. Then another guy has some extra special top secret super slick gear lube to pour into these gearboxes.
  6. TonyToro

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    If you don’t mind me asking, What brand and color is that red?
  7. TonyToro

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Is that a satin finish on the 657? It’s got a great look!
  8. If you didn't get things taken care of and want to drive a bit, Stewart's in Rocky Hill has been selling Wheel Horse since the 1970's. Mike is a guru mechanic on them. You can tell him I sent you.
  9. TonyToro

    244H Part Out

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. TonyToro

    244H Part Out

    Sold Thank you Jim
  11. TonyToro

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Hey..those are tasty. I got introduced to backwoods many years ago. Quick enjoyable smoke.
  12. TonyToro

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Light a smoke.... as in cigarette or nice cigar?
  13. TonyToro

    244H Part Out

    I just looked at the PTO... the non technical previous owner must have tried to remove it with a sledge hammer and pipe wrench. Uggghhh. I can send you pictures of the PTO if you are still interested. Just PM me your email.
  14. TonyToro

    244H Part Out

    The deck will need repair. There is some rot on the top between the pulleys. If you are local and want it...it’s yours free.
  15. TonyToro

    Extra parts clean out

    Gas Tank has been sold.