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    Oil sensor switch

    What engine do you have?? But 953Nut gave you the answer.

    Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    GREAT PICTURES & A GREAT LOOKING COUPLE there Mrs. Rules. Ahhh idea as to the total attendance? I missed this year, but next years show is on my calendar. See Ya All then.

    '61 Rock shaft removal tips needed

    You guys suggesting that current method scare me, and I'm just sitting here waiting to shoot at our state shoot, and there's severa ways to get hurt here. Ive never owned a 701, so I'm wondering if by using a rivet gun or an impact gun with mild air pressure and work along the shaft along with BLASTER or any other good rust penetrating fluid, might break itdown loose?? Have you guys really used the current method before?? I bet that would make a heck of a YouTube video.n

    Mrs Rules Show Pictures

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. CALEB. THANK YOU Mrs.Rules. Great Pictures, Please keep posting. I messed up and now I'm going to miss the show. But its on my next years calendar.

    Great day at the show!!


    hydro engagement arm needed 418 A

    Johnny. There sure are allot of Good Guys here. With LOTS of Knowledge & Experience with the Horse.

    417A Won't move??

    I understand that, but this Ol Girl has developed a Knock. So I might be doing an O/H this winter if I keep her. I'm not sure how the P/O hide it from me before I bought her. It was soft of cold out and I would of thought it would have really been loud then? Thanks for your reply. Brent

    417A Won't move??

    320 hrs. Of VERY MAINTENANCE NEGLECTED HORSE. That should be a CRIME!!!!

    417A Won't move??

    The Captain pulled me off yesterday. I was able to get A couple of hours with this Ol Girl today. I found the drain plug thanks to. According to what I found in the manual here on line said 5qts of 10W-40. In my pictures you can see what I chose to use. I'm a Green/Red guy. So I chose the Green brand after researching the JD TURFGUARD. I've been using it for many years and I've got gallons of it. But since my system wasn't totally empty I only added 3 1/2 gallons and it's overfilled. I'll correct that tomorrow. I flushed the crankcase then added 1 1/2 qts of 20W-50. The book says 30W, after talking with a local retired old time Troy Bolt & Wheel Horse Dealer. And reading and hearing horror stories about the Kohler Hand Grenade issue. I chose to use my Harley Davidson's oil. If that oil can survive and provide the protection in my Bike it should do fine in this Kohler. My next repair will be new plugs, & points &_Air filter. I did catch a fuel leak tonight under the air cleaner. It was a deteriorated fuel line. As I'm looking back and wondering why I chose this model & this particular tractor I'm just not sure?

    New Points/Points Lubricant?

    I'm looking for timing & points replacement on the Kohler KT17QS. So far this is the only place I've found reference to the points. So, can someone please help me on the specs. Or where I can find them? THANKS Nevermind Folks. Dummy me found the manual right here under manuals. Now to get some new glasses or remove head from rear end.

    417A Won't move??

    Finally got a chance to get back to work on this gal. I'm wanting to drain & flush the hydraulic system. I've got a new filter from NAPA. I'm not finding any drain plug and I'm not sure if I can use John Deere Hydraulic Fluid?

    A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    Thanks, PFREDERI, Looks like mine is one of the first series II engines. Now is there anyway to add an oil filter to her??

    A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    Skipper, that's a GoodLookin Horse. Thanks for the pictures.

    A salute to the good old twin Kohlers

    I sure wish I had read this about a month ago, before I purchased my 417-A. It runs, it was abused, so in the process of clearing all of my Red Xs ln this girl. I pulled the points cover off to check since I had no spark on the front cyl after powerwashing. Thought it was moisture. Nope, dry but oily. Trimed plug wire and reinstalled in the coil. Cranked over and fired up, blowing lots of oil out of the bottom screw hole for points cover. Engine has a Knock at idle, diminishing with RPM increase. Drained oil and installed new Valoline High MaX blend. Stopped at my local small engine shop for tune up parts. When the owner saw what engine I'm working on. He said, Oh another Hand Gernade. When I asked him about it he said, yea this engine almost put Kohler out of business when the SERIES ONE came out. He said they fixed the problem in the Series Two. So I came home to see what series I have. Absolutely nothing marked on the ID Plate. SO MY QUESTION IS THIS. HOW DO I CONFIRM WHAT SERIES I HAVE ??? THANKS WHEEL HORSE 417-A Kohler 17HP MOD KT17 QS SPEC # 24363 S/N 15114031

    520H Carburetor Help Please

    Ken, When your cranking the engine with the Fuel Line Disconnected. Are you getting Good Fuel Flow or is it kinda weak and spurting? It could be a weak diaphragm but that doesn't relate to your Original Flooding issue. Are you sure you have your float level set correctly? Also remove your jet and make sure its clean and open. A piece of 0.020" of safety wire will or should pass through it.