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  1. Kevin Kane

    Wanted 1965 L155 Gas Tank

    I very much appreciate your help. The motor tag has the following number series on it. Model H60-7511 70. Serial # 4279 04142. The Tractor tag is Model L155 with a serial # 108911.
  2. Kevin Kane

    Grandpa's Wheel Horse

    Thank all of you for your information and welcomes, I am going to do more research this week on ebay and so forth. Thank you for your service to gentlemen!
  3. Kevin Kane

    Wanted 1965 L155 Gas Tank

    Gas Tank - Wanted for restoration project of my Grandpa's 1965 L155 Lawn Ranger.
  4. Kevin Kane

    Grandpa's Wheel Horse

    Good information, Ill check in there. Thank you.
  5. Kevin Kane

    Grandpa's Wheel Horse

    Thank you very much for the information, Is there a place or website to find parts for it, specificallly the gas tank, everything else is there and it ran the last time it was put away in the barn.
  6. First time on the Forum, I am in need of a gas tank for a restoration project for my Grandpa's Wheel Horse Model L155 Serial # 108911. Also does anyone know the year produced? He lived in South Bend Indiana and bought it new there, used to take my cousins and I for rides in the wagon on back. Many good memories...