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  1. kjcspencer

    what year and model is my wheel horse

    Awesome response, thanks to all! Thanks Garry for the information; taking a very close look at ID tag on tractor does show it is a "2" & not a Z, Also good to know about engine age as well. The ID tag on it does look a little different than a few other Kohler Engine tags I saw on this site. So much good information to be found here, I will take some time, get manuals downloaded, and do my research. This is going to be a little work but fun too.
  2. Newbie here, I have a C-165 and am looking for information on exactly what I have as well as any other information available. There is an "ID Number" located on tag under the dash. It reads 1116K801 with a space and then Z8603. The engine is Kohler model K341, Spec 71179, serial 2229505963. Have no history as it came with a place I purchased. Mower deck is pretty rotted out & will need to be replaced at some point. It runs well & my thoughts are to just use it but part of me wants to fix it up and then use it some more.