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    1987 312-8 (upgraded to a 417), the beast
    1989 520, project
    1971 A800 Ranger
    1970 Electro 12
    1982 SK486
    1976 C120, 61-12KS01
    1971 800 special, 1-0150-6, 785181
    1964 Lawn Ranger, sn 15247
    1972 Massey 12
    1989 212-H, 3212Be01, 46508, sn9024
    1974 C160, 1-0380-9 sn65651
    1988 212-6, 3212K602, 34091
    1988 257H
    1978 c-161, 81-16B8
    1990 520H
    1982 SK486 (SOLD)
    1980/83, C-175
    1987 418-8
    1964 654

    Coming soon
    1960 400 Suburban

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    1962 Massey 35 deluxe
    1975 Massey 1085
    1973 Massey 135
    400 series case loader

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    1927 model T tudor
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    Ontario, Canada
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    Manufacturing engineer, retired
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  1. The Gman

    754 coming my way

    Can't do that. We're closed for three winter. Only way in is by dog sled and all the igloo's have been booked for months now. Off to get it now...... muuuush, muuuush
  2. The Gman

    754 coming my way

    Hey stolmar, Just got the 654. We didn't talk about the other one I'm in Caledon north of Brampton. Might just have to get together to talk some horse.
  3. The Gman

    754 coming my way

    I like, I like.......and I like. Your offering up the tractor right. His and hers 654's. Nothing like a tire that went to the bitter end for its owner.
  4. The Gman

    754 coming my way

    Your right, got ahead of myself. Lauson H60, electric start. 654. Good looking tractor! What’s the plan for it? Gonna get her up and running then work the patina with some clear. Ags on the back and tri's on the front. Admire, use and care for.
  5. The Gman

    754 coming my way

    Gonna save this 754 tomorrow. Needs a carb and some deck work, new cables push button start. Worth saving I think!!!!!
  6. The Gman

    Toro walk behind help plz ?

    If it's OHV the valve clearance (s) may be loose??????
  7. The Gman

    Dragged home a Work Horse

    Great deal in my books. Just bought two plows for $125 each. Saw that ad a few days ago....... Bit too farfrom me to take a peek. Did you see the ad for the 64 ranger....... Asking $1300.00. No deck and a so so re-paint.
  8. The Gman

    Kohler K fin count

    Check this out. https://youtu.be/Y3HTuGuM_2o
  9. The Gman

    Think it will work?

    Used to use Pam (non stick spray) on my walking blower. Worked great. Two cans lasted me the season for that wet stuff.
  10. The Gman

    Nothing to lose, what would you offer?

    Looks repainted? Just sold one of my sk486's for $450 and a bottle of tequila. Bought it for $200, put $250 into it. Swapped the deck for a 4' plow. It went to a family member. Still gotta get the decals
  11. Looks tough, mean, and ready to kick some..... Great look
  12. The Gman

    Thinking about it.

    I passed on it. He wouldnt go less than $600 for the horse. Add another $700 for good deep cycle batteries and I'm at $1,300. Just couldn't pull the trigger for that much right now.
  13. The Gman

    D-160 HELP!!!!!

    Glad you got there in time to make it right!!!!
  14. The Gman

    418 long in the tooth to start

    Thanks for the input guys..... gave me some ideas to check out and thought of a few more things to look at. Will let you know. More seat time is always at the top.
  15. The Gman

    418 long in the tooth to start

    Starting to scratch my head on this one. Getting my 418 serviced and ready for snow duty for my daughter to use at the farm but after sitting for three days at a time it takes a good 10 to 15 sec. of cranking to start with full choke. It's still 18 - 20C up in my neck of the woods so I can just imagine at 10 - 15 below in Jan. All the others in the herd are starting to giggle at it. Bought it in late spring this year and ran it through its paces back then no problems. Sat in the horse house for three months. Cold start took about 10 sec. first time out but started like a champ each time after that. Seems to be after a two or three day sit it takes too much crank time to start. Here's what I've done to date: - Change the fuel filter. - Checked the output of the pump, good flow, squirts at me when I thumb it off to check pressure. - Placed a napkin under the fuel bowel to see if there is a leak. Nope.... clean after a day. - checked choke plate for full closure. Hard too see but looks good. - Checked the carb to intake, intake to cylinder bolts. All tight. Even put a little vacuum grease around the gasket areas just in case. When i take the air filter/housing off and palm (hand) the the intake it springs to life. No 15 sec. wait. It's a walboro fix jet cab from the looks of it. Noticed yesterday that when its running and i pull the choke on. It only makes a 5 - 10% dip in engine performance. If I need to pull the carb I will but looking for some ideas of what to look for. Air leaking by the throttle or choke shaft? Choke plate??????? Gas siphon back out of the carb thru the pump? I'm starting to wear a quarter sized bare spot on my head.