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  1. Working on a foot control just haven't had time to get it all laid out to do testing keep ya posted 🤔
  2. DarrellF

    Blown fuse at the ammeter

    Having the same problem on a D200 think it might be the ammeter 😕 Funny they didn't put a fuse on the ammeter side I'm going to install one to keep from melting wires grrr.
  3. DarrellF


    My D200
  4. DarrellF

    Project D-220

    Loving this Build
  5. DarrellF

    Plug Wire

    Make your own is always better Because I try to make my own anything possible then I know its right.
  6. Hey this PTO is run to a pulley to get 540 all ya have to do is find the ratio pulley that would turn the PTO shaft 540 I'll have to do some figuring on this to be able to change the pulley on the tractor now and be able to change to a pulley for 540 and be able to change it back to original to 2000 Just a Thought.
  7. I agree 100 Percent
  8. DarrellF

    Loader for D200 Wanted

    Looking for a front Load for My D200 Thanks Darrell
  9. Oils Sandwich will only add 1 inch as you will be able to put 2 gauges on it like temp and pressure. If I add and extra oil filter I can also add 2 gauges to it, in the cool side of the cooler I can measure the temp and pressure after it has been cooled. So with the way I'm going to set it up I could measure either side and pressure and temp either side your choice. Also I can have a bypass 2 places if wanted. As for air flow I have been going to do a smoke test to see the flow of air, This will help me determine where the cooler or coolers will go. Seeing they can be push-pull this will help. I was thinking about a battery move, to free all cooling space underneath as above, I don't want to add hot air with hot air. I want to pull or push hot air away from any components and exhaust it into free air. I'll have to draw a diagram maybe to explain it better showing all ways of heat flow, and possibility's to protect coolers and parts from damage. Looking into a battery Placement in an encased box, to also free space as well make a control systems to add things such as an external alternator to power more things etc. Still in the Planing stages but Ive been thinking it out to utilize space placement aesthetics and all room for Power Steering either Hydraulic or Electric, Foot Pedal control forward and reverse, More pump placements, valves lines,reserve hydro tank, reserve oil tank for added capacity for anything added to oil system or hydraulics as well as functionality. I don't want to miss a trick on this, to many options to place parts that will interfere with anything I decide to do. See where I'm going, I'm thinking way ahead in case I want to make a 6 way front blade or for addons, also thinking of Fel and many other improvement that have to be planed in advance which could include to many things to list at the moment But I'm going to have to measure all possible ideas and leave room for things all at once which is the way I plan. Battery Placement only has one good Place Hmmm Behind the seat Above the 3 point on the wheel horse decal Hmmm WOW Brains Hurting LOL
  10. Thanks for the welcome guys I'll try to get some pic or vids up as I get it worked out. im not going to rush this I have been a diesel mechanic and fabricator for many years as well I always have tried my best to make things strong and as dependable as can be obtained. Good planning makes a job ez bad planning creates to many problems. My father taught me if your going to do something do it right the first time or don't do it at all. I want to keep all my projects clean and not take away from the machines look unless needed 😇 Also a few other projects will be power steering,foot control pedals for forward and reverse,and maybe building a fel. Forgot this turning radius as well takes 10 acreas to turn the beast, and it steers like a b61 Mack with a 6 inch steering wheel lol any ideas will be great 👍 Thanks again Darrell Oh Sarge I'm thinking out protection for the coolers and they will be themostat controlled to maintain the proper temps 🙂
  11. Mine must be missing that fan hmmm well I still think I'll throw a cooler on both the tranny and the engine, plus I might ad an external oil filter to the hydro. Dirt and heat are the worst things I can think of to destroy both of them. but that fan was a good idea in 1975 going to be using Stewart warner mechanical gauges, hope all works out.
  12. Any chance this would work for a D200???

    thanks Darrell

  13. New to here First Wh D200 

  14. Just bought a D200 in great shape wanted to do some mods for cooling hydro and engine oils Ive used sandwich adapters on motor home and to install transmission coolers and engine coolers with new gauges, Seems to me would not be a problem to install on transmission of tractor from what I've read filters are 3/4 unf 16 thread anyone ever done this before? Also easy way to install temp gauge,oil pressure gauges any gauge ya wanted plus external cooling.