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  1. Before and After. It was all worth it. It's like running a new Tractor. When we moved to the country in 1993 there was a Stihl dealer in Town that also sold New Wheelhorse's, I would go in there for Chainsaw parts I would look at the Horse's but at that time couldn't afford one. Now that I could afford one ,out of business. I did the next best thing. I finally have a New one !
  2. Evil Archer 300

    Snow/Dozer Down Pressure

    Today I fabricated the link for Down pressure. Just wondering what do you do with the existing lift arm. I'm worried about bending it. I thought of wiring it up. Any suggestions
  3. Evil Archer 300

    Belt size 520H

    Deck Belt Toro # 1594 1/2 X 107 Mule Belt # 94-2501 1/2 X 103
  4. Evil Archer 300


    Yesterday I filled the Rear wheels with RV Antifreeze, Got the wheel Weights on and mounted the plow. Today Grading the 1500 ft Driveway. I'm impressed the new Eaton 1100 pushed like a bear. The Hydro lift is great. For the last 12 years I've been doing all the work here with the 310-8. Huge difference, When I bought this Tractor it was in tough shape all rusty and no maintenance. After some sandblasting ,Paint and a new Hydro I love it
  5. Evil Archer 300

    518-H restoration

    I installed the Hydraulic Lift The 417-A donor Tractor had it. I put all new lines on ,It works great. I'm not sure about Decals Do I want the Stock look or something different
  6. Finished up the 518. Came out pretty well. With the Eaton 1100 I sailed up the Driveway the 700 would struggle going up. Very happy with the results. I would like to thank the members here for their assistance.
  7. Evil Archer 300

    518 Restoraton

    I'm getting close to a test run. After filling the Transaxle and running it I found the oil very milky. Drained and refilled looked better. A couple more changes and it should clean up nicely. I'm not sure on which set of Decals I want Stock or maybe something custom
  8. Evil Archer 300

    518 Restoraton

  9. This Site is great. So many helpful members. I'm going to give back. As far as the Lift rock Shaft I cut 4 1/4" pieces of plate and put them next to the lift mechanism, It gave me somewhere solid to drive against, Using a 1" Brass rod it drove out fairly easy. Next I removed the New Eaton 1100 from the donor Tractor and left the wheels on. Using a 2ft Pipe wrench over the Axle it was very easy to move it around. I put 2 old studs I had in 2 of the Transaxle mounting holes and with my Floor jack under the tractor pretty much rolled it into position, A drop of thread lock on each bolt and it's in there. wheel horse tranny wheel horse 3
  10. Evil Archer 300

    518 Restoration

    Is there a Keyway in the sleeve, Something has to keep it from spinning. What keeps the lift arm on. Is this a drift pin ?
  11. Evil Archer 300

    518 Restoration

    The height adjustment knob is all off, I have a Donor Tractor that the New Eaton is coming off, Lots of extra parts
  12. I decided to go with the Eaton 1100. I'm having a problem with the Lift Rock Shaft . I got it out on the right side but can't get the Lift arm to move. Am I going about this right. Tomorrow I'll try to heat it up and break it loose. I have been putting Penetrating oil on it all day.
  13. I'm restoring a 518-H. It has the Eaton 700 Transaxle. I have located a Gentleman that has a replacement 1100. He also has all the parts to turn it into a 8 speed. I have a 310-8 that I love. I'm seriously considering making the change. What are your thoughts. I live on hilly property, The Tractor will be used for mowing and snow removal
  14. I am restoring a 518 H I would like to know what the non slip covering on the floor boards is and where I can get some. Thanks
  15. Evil Archer 300

    Oil Level

    Thank You for the input. I don't normally wipe the Oil and reinsert. I've been checking Oil in all types of engines my whole life ( 37 years Heavy Equipment Operator ) I had never seen oil high on the Dipstick like that. I thought maybe a breather or something else was plugged.