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  1. Nice Lane!! I am looking forward to the portage show as well it is a great show!!! Looking forward to seeing your 1054 at portage!!
  2. wheelhorseman

    K91 flywheel

    Believe it or not you can charge the magnets back up there’s threads on it on the Internet you can buy some rare earth magnets and you will need a compass to figure out which end of the magnet to stick on your flywheel magnet the north or south just simply Google it —- how to charge up flywheel magnets
  3. wheelhorseman

    RJ Lift Arm Torsion Spring

    Yes I will pm you
  4. wheelhorseman

    D-250 Ignition System

    I got new points- if your interested pm me
  5. wheelhorseman

    RJ Lift Arm Torsion Spring

    Like this??
  6. wheelhorseman

    Demco Amigo winter project

  7. wheelhorseman

    1257 wheel Horse

    I like mine it has a few extras on it!
  8. wheelhorseman

    Transmission bearings 854

    https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/transmissions.html Your tractor would need kit #1
  9. wheelhorseman

    Now I Remember Why I Married Her!

    It’s a good thing that Cindy didn’t put your Redsquare handle on the T-shirt! She would have had to open up an account at the shirt shop for as often as that changes I must have missed one I thought you were WHX20 last week? But seriously - nice shirts Jim!
  10. wheelhorseman

    Great service and help

    I can’t get the 1257 to dirty I would bring 2 c-160s from the fleet.
  11. wheelhorseman

    Great service and help

    😂😂😂. Good stuff — Jim oh yes I would share some steak with you!! As for the barley pop what can I say I was out of ice and as for the generator I don’t own a 40kw diesel generator! I might be able to make it to plow day we will see it depends if I get time to get my engine swap done in my 89 square body suburban I’m putting in a 2003 6.0 Ls engine- I would like to have it done and stretch her legs over to cheeseland with some plow tractors behind it and as for the wife I’m not sure it she will read this so I will have to disagree! She says Hi by the way. Jim if you scratch your screen you might be able to smell these!!
  12. wheelhorseman

    What’s your favorite usage for a Wheel Horse

    My new favorite thing is unloading wagons and running the elevator. I must have unloaded at least 12 wagons during this year’s pioneer power show.
  13. wheelhorseman

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I used it a lot years ago with good results but lately it hasn’t impressed me at all. Seafoam must have changed there formula because it was lite green years ago and now it is clear (there’s actually a paint code called seafoam green) So again I’m not impressed with it lately.
  14. wheelhorseman

    Planning trip to Big Show 2019.

    Come on over!! I simply plug my grill in the cigarette lighter on my wheel horse and supper is served!!
  15. wheelhorseman

    Farmhand farm handy

    I don’t think so Dan this is much heavier and wider then a garden tractor No the front tire stops at about 70 degrees each way