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  1. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    Here's what I decided to do for the hood in order to clear the muffler. Plan will be to eventually have a local shop fab up what's missing, but thinking about leaving a cutout to be able to run a straight pipe up to turn the exhaust. I'll just turn it out for now. The way the muffler is turned up doesn't allow me to just rotate it, no clearance. I think it'll look pretty good eventually.
  2. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    This is what I decided to go with for electric pto: http://a.co/d/7exnOnr and drive pulley: https://phoenix-mfg.com/HustlerBigDog-602842-V-Groove-Drive-Pulley--5-Dia--1-Bore--Steel_p_1388.html#.W_ialwzHfW0.link. Pretty close to original size, and with the predator's higher max rpm i figure it should keep performance pretty consistent. I've got the motor mounts welded on and engine clamped relatively in place and hooked it up just to see how it ran, was difficult to get to start initially, had to find a new hose clamp for my fuel line and cut the end back cuz it was sucking air. After that, fired up ok but has been surging pretty good, seems to be smoothing out and i imagine once i get through the break-in period it'll be a non issue. overall sounds pretty nice. Will need to run a new fuel line to be able to route properly. Once I get the drive pulley in I'll get motor aligned and drill my bolt holes. Haven't decided yet if I'll do through bolts or run a tap, and not sure on if I'll do any anti vibration, it runs pretty smooth. Pics are on the cell, I'll get em uploaded at some point. overall it's gonna be a pretty easy swap it seems. with the coupon they used at the store I got the motor for 620, and bought the 2 yr replacement plan as well. Big thanks to my old man for financing a good portion of the project, he's just about as excited as I am I think.
  3. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    While trying to pull the drive pulley it broke, so i guess that I'm just going to buy a new one with 1" bore and 1" electric pto. Any suggestions on if I should modify pulley size or keep original? Closest I've found so far is a 4.75 OD pulley, which I figure would maybe offset a little of the extra power to where I don't feel like i need to run at half throttle.
  4. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    i got the 22hp. it certainly looks different, but dimension-wise isn't too far off from the kt17. Fills the space nicely. Will need to cut hood or modify exhaust though.
  5. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    Excited to be able to use it on hills, I was limited to only part of the yard previously.
  6. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    Ironically, tomorrow the order for my pto parts from Jack's small engine will be here, but now I need an electric clutch. Such is life. I'll be taking pictures and posting progress as I can. Looking at previous user's posts it looks like it should go pretty smooth.
  7. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    Gonna roll with the predator. Picking it up now.
  8. SamH

    81 C-175 motor swap/repower

    Well, just blew up the motor on my C-175. Glad I didn't get rid of it to just have it go out on someone else... 2042 hours, so she lasted a long time but sure wish she'd have gone longer lol. Especially considering I just did a bunch of work to get everything ready for winter. Series I Kt17. what do you think guys, should i try to find a series II and put it on or repower with new? Anything out there besides the predator, and is it worth it if there is? Thanks guys.
  9. That's the plan for Monday, lol i just hate waiting
  10. My hydraulic pump will need replacement eventually too, bit of play in the shaft. That's an mte c210. I imagine that prolly costs as much to rebuild as it does to find a replacement...
  11. Does anyone happen to know where i can find parts or a rebuild kit for the bucket cylinder on a kwik way loader. Info from the cylinder: Super Draulic Ft Dodge, IA For KW MFG Sioux Falls DN 12521 9 73 I've already got it apart, the dust seal and inner o ring that serves as the pressure seal are shot. the piston also has a small groove wore in it, but hoping it'll hold with just replacing the seals. Also, the 9 and the 73, am I safe in assuming that's the mfg date? Not sure what else it'd mean. If so then I am even more impressed by the build quality. Love the ease of working on it too.
  12. SamH

    A proper hello.

    Ordered my pto shaft and bearing today, gonna need a new rear plate soon, but it'll do for now. Excited to move some snow!
  13. SamH


    Considering my c-175 for partial trade, but not sure if I want to let it go or not, it's my first wheel horse and the same age as me lol. Also not sure what would be fair to ask to be honest. Any help there would be appreciated, I'll throw a few more pics up. It starts and runs good, strong hydro, deck lift leaks from somewhere and I need to replace pto bearing(s). Also not sure if I want to get rid of the blower or fit it to the 195. Thoughts? Appreciate the help everyone.
  14. SamH

    A proper hello.

    Also came with a cab, pallet forks and hay forks for the loader.