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  1. henryhpsd

    sickle mower help needed

    Obvious, I celebrated to soon.... hihi. Seems the holes in the frame and the `gearbox` do line up on the `airfilter` side, but do not at the PTO side. Besides if they did...i feel the PTO pulley is a bit to far out.(they are not in a vertical line above each other'. That could be resolved using the attach o matic at the front which i use for the mowing deck...but still it doesnt line up like i would. And in that case the protection plate of that gearbox needed some cutting (which i dont want hihi) Taking a second look tomorrow !
  2. henryhpsd

    sickle mower help needed

    Thanks !...I know...but still... Anyway..... I was looking at it one of the bearings, that seems to be gone. Thats a relative easy fix. (the two above each other ..in the corner, one missing) Most interesting.... it looks like it will "stock fit" the 316-8 ? If measured bolt distances, and i think it will fit ....just like that ...with almost no "hush" at all ! Cant wait to see if that actually is the case, possibly being a bit too optimistic hihi. If it does... deep respect to Wheel horse !... there is a large age difference between them, i almost cant believe it would.... ("stock fit that is) Most likely would have to change the pulley bearing ? as im not sure what RPM the sickle bar would like to receive. But at least i could give it a try, before we repaint it and set it aside till the commando is ready. Besides the fact its now "drained" in sae30 oil, ill first give it some new oil ...before we forget that hihi. Other than that...it runs "smooth". Hopefully i could give it a small test tomorrow ! Thank u guys !
  3. henryhpsd

    sickle mower help needed

    Hello All, I got it home JAHOE ! Sorry, for the long wait....I had to think about responding or not. Thing is... Had a bit of an "unhappy' feeling due to what the previous owner said to me. (and i leave the option open the previous owner is not honest himself) But: Apparently there are actually WH collectors (who read here and i know who it is). Who contacted him and provided higher pricing, to "take it away" from me. Thankfully the previous owner respond to them; No, its already sold (as it should be) Now, i know u read here...... And that's just something that makes me "dissapointed", like a mum says to a child. i wouldn't behave like that, it sure isn't "costumery" where I live, its considered more an insult, its "steeling" in my opinion. And i realise there are persons like that, heck sometimes the world seems full of them hihi. We are living in our "Wheel horse" world, and frankly, was hoping that that small WH community we have here in Europa would be free of such.We shouldnt do things like that, we should HELP each other. So....dear reader, please bare with me: If been in many countries (Afghan etc) and you know what....its true.... In the end, you're "possessions" don't really matter. Sure you could pass it on to your kids...but there is no one who will say "owh, what a good guy...he left it all to his kids". No, your "way of things" is what people speak about...and you know what.... If your children hear from another person, heck...your dad is (or was) a stand-up guy ! that..that makes impact. Now, what makes a person do that ? Respect...your behaviour... If watched so many villages/people, and the most "happy" people were those who had almost nothing. Out in the mountains, no idea what was going on, just busy gathering food, they were happy with nothing all day long. We do know what is going on, we dont gather food..(we'll not in that way hihi), and we do have "things". So what makes us happy? It all comes down to "being a stand-up guy". "He helped me each time/ he let me sleep just 5 min long cause i was exhausted/ he had food for me etc/he had my back/ he is still there etc". Perhaps u could looking in the mirror each day, and as long as you can say "heck that turned out good, i made that person happy" ... Well, thats a pritty good indication you are on track. Now, i know some have been interested by the wheel horse tractors that still are there for sale. But unlike them.... i said to the owner....please "discuss" it with them, and if that doesn't turn out to something. (bare in mind they are not evan sold at all...you just have shown interest..thats it). Ill be in contact and buy "all". That is what the seller wouldn't like since its an old man and want to get ride of all. If i would do things otherwise....., my mirror would brake "on spot". So, u dont have to like me....just treat me like i treat you.....and perhaps u will like that way of "living"..try it ! it sure feels better ! For at least trying... I say thank you Sir ! Sorry for the above (and moderator, im happy if the above isnt allowed just delete it...no worries!) Anyway...... Ill get those pictures later today 0700 local, work calls... Kind regards, Henry.
  4. henryhpsd

    sickle mower help needed

    Hi guys, I dont think it is a bad price either, especially considering "Wheel horse"..is a bit more expensive compared to the USA (logical) Would love to have got "everything" ....but i think i cut that small money tree while enjoying the WH ...it just keeps on going hihi... Thank you guys! ...ill get some pictures when i have it !
  5. henryhpsd

    sickle mower help needed

    Thank you, im guessing it helped ! Yes yes yes !!!!! Got it !!!!! I think, if looked 10x already to verify....yes, its closed and its on my "buy" list....Happy 290 euro's. not a clue what they are worth...but i wont sell it for a 1000 hihi, always wanted one. ....and i got a mowerdeck in bad shape for 32 euro's. There were a few tractors in there 418 hydro (functional without any attachment) for 500 euro's. A c121,c81,c145 all in a state of "needs help". Cant wait to get the sickle bar....not a clue why it is green though, i still have a commando 8 somewhere to restore....hmmm.... Thanks for the help !
  6. henryhpsd

    sickle mower help needed

    fantastic !.... thank you guys.... ill let you know how it turned out ...1 hr to go !
  7. Hello All ! I came across this one. It has a wheel horse sticker and the a serial number A-40391. Does anyone have any additional information ? Its on a local auction and closing soon... ill just go for it i think hihi. Main thing would be.....to what will it fit ? and does it look like it has parts missing ? Thank you in advance !
  8. henryhpsd

    Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    Not a very useful post for you.. But thanks for sharing those pictures, lovely to see ! Owh..and
  9. henryhpsd

    im not sure what it is...

    Thanks guys.... The number underneath on the Kohler reads: 5319657
  10. henryhpsd

    im not sure what it is...

    Garry, Im afraid i dont understand the question (could be Im Dutch hihi) The serial number can be seen in the photo above (?)...at least thats what i think you are asking. If not, could you provide the question in another way ? Thank you ! Kind regards, Henry
  11. henryhpsd

    im not sure what it is...

    Hi All ! Thank you for your help, it is (as always) appreciated ! So lets see... The engine is "dedicated" for a 14hp automatic "no name" 1973 The Tractor it self provides a 1974 indication. (12hp) From what i know, and will never be "sure" is that the engine came original with the chassis. That leaves open: 1- it is a "sold" as is product. 2- The buyer said....I like that Charger...but want a 14hp engine in it...is that possible ? 3- The "said so" history isnt correct...and one did change the engine 4- The caps op the Kohler says 321 ..but it actually is a 12hp I can rule out nr 4. The rest ...hmm....other than asking Lozeman (who still is in business and i know still are Wheel Horse enthusiasts !) ... I dont think i can do anything else... Possibly if i take it apart and i can find "details" of an engine transfer....or that i can find something that it never has been off ? Cant wait to get it up and running ....sure looks like a worker...! Amazing differences in part prices compared to the Onans i just did, hoping that kohler engine is a "good one" (compared to an onan...not much experience on them besides a 8hp commando.. Thanks again ! Enjoy the Easter !
  12. henryhpsd

    im not sure what it is...

    Ah..that rings a bell.. the "no name" year 73.. I remember reading about that. (Still a bit new to WH hihi) A logical explination could be if the owner said... i want that charger..but with a 14hp in it... There is a sticker on it from the dealer "lozeman" They were kind enough to answer me in the past...hopefully they will provide me that favour again Ill ask if they can remember something. Thanks again 953 nut ...!
  13. henryhpsd

    im not sure what it is...

    Thank you for the replies.!!! The flywheel...that was me... working on it... the colour / rust of the engine and the rest are similair. Visuable diffrence now is due to oilspray... (try to find and get the letters readable hihi) Im not able (yet) to get any indication they dont belong to each other (original) Attached a picture of the numbers... hope that provides a clue ?
  14. Hi guys.... I think i have a c120 (it say model 1-0490) ...and serial number 137589. (Belgium). Its an automatic. I can read the letters "charger" on the side.... The thing that gets me wondering....it has a 14hp Kohler engine which seems to be original (the previous owner said it was too) But im not able to find a 14hp charger automatic....Any ideas ? Havnt i searched enough ? or has someone just setup another engine ? Actually... im starting to like the "rust" (huh? )... As you can see...it has got some work...at least i got the engine making "turns"....so ill get that running. Dont think the transmission is working though...snif snif... Another ....saved from its horrible destiny....HAPPY And yes....first time this year...coffee outside in the sun...lovely
  15. henryhpsd

    neutral uni drive not working

    Hello Sarge ! Thanks for the advice ! I was leaning towards the same. The transmission was flushed good.... (several times) so...i also got the relative "safe" feeling for now... (as stevasaurus indicates). And it really wasnt that thick it remained seated...I was joking a bit....though it did scared the heck out of me.....i wouldnt have been suprised if it did stuck in that cup.. hihi. So Im going...as soon as he starts mowing again (thats all he does with it) ill get it to flush it again. Good thing is: He has change the oil of the engine and he does keep the battery charged and he uses a brush to get old oil on the blank spots Thats as far as he goes...dont think he changed other thinigs like the filters or Sparks or grease on the "known" points......but overall it is iin good shape. He just never looked at the transmission... Best thing is... im new into Wheel Horse, and seeing this...well...hats off..impressed...and proud to have one. ! (owh two that allready is hihi)