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    working on my 1973 Automatic 12

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  1. dennisleno07

    electric PTO

    I got a question on how to remove an electric PTO on a k301 i took the bolt out and it won't pull off even with wd40. i still won't budge an inch i am about to give up and take it to a shop that maybe able to help. i was told to use a torch and heat it up but i am scared to use heat because i don't know if it will hurt the motor or not.
  2. dennisleno07

    Whats it worth?

    That is the nicest one I've seen for that price in a wile. She is a bute :whistle:
  3. dennisleno07

    Say Goodbye Hershey

    I'm with you you on this Perry . I used to live in Shippensburgh and go to Hershey atleast once a yer and i wanted to take my kids there but it looks like i can't now. :thumbs:
  4. dennisleno07

    Mistreating a Wheel Horse

    true but some one of us probly would have redone it and made it better. i love WH. it just shows that they live forever. i hate seeing WH beeing roughed up.
  5. i would like to kick these peoples a$$ :thumbs:
  6. dennisleno07

    Jacobsen 1200

    i really don't like the style either but i want to restore it for my dad so he doesn't take my WH i would rather let him beat the Jac insted of my WH like he has already tryied :thumbs:
  7. dennisleno07

    Welcome to RedSquare (23-March-2008)

    :thumbs: you'll always meet new people here
  8. dennisleno07

    Jacobsen 1200

    well this is my dad's i want to restore it for him all i know is that it has a cast iron kohler 12. he thinks it has a blown head but i think who ever worked on it they didn't put the plug in tight burnt the plugwire. the deck has a osha tag on it that has a year of '74 here is a link to the rest of the pics http://s263.photobucket.com/albums/ii159/d...eno07/Jacobsen/
  9. dennisleno07

    Jacobsen 1200

    The year I don't know
  10. dennisleno07

    i need help

    i'm working on the wires of my automatic 12 and was wondering if there is a way to test the rectifier? the teminials are rusted some.
  11. dennisleno07

    Thinking of Spring now

    nice to see the old girl out :thumbs:
  12. dennisleno07

    Street (?) Rod

    that is koool :D
  13. dennisleno07

    Ford's new hauler

    That would be something I would do. I put a 12.5 snapper with a 42" deck in the back of my mom's 96 chevy Lumina. She bout killed me till she heared it run it was a freebe. Heres my sign :imstupid: :imstupid:
  14. dennisleno07

    Thinking of Spring now

    Today was pretty good here too but it started to rain bout 3 or 4 pm. So i had to cut the work on the 1973 Automatic 12 short. :thumbs:
  15. dennisleno07

    Some more tractor videos

    Nice videos TT :D