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  1. rmschaver

    new to me

    Finally pics of my first wheel horse. Last pic is the new friends I found while clearing out those black berries. My first thought was hey theres a grey ball in that bush," OH &*T&". Luckily I saw them before they saw me.
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  3. rmschaver

    new to me

    Thanks everyone very busy day today. I would just like to say wheelhouses are AWESOME. Man this thing is just what I needed.
  4. rmschaver

    Finally after a year

    Awesome job, both of you. The best things in life can not be bought or given only shared.
  5. rmschaver

    new to me

    Hello all red square people. I have just purchased my first wheel horse. It is a 520xi year 1999. It is a very clean unit with good paint and functions fine. I bought it from a gentleman who no longer needed it. The hour meter works and reads 12xx hours. I got a 59 inch mower deck, snow/dozer blade and a mid mount grader blade with it. The original owner had all the manuals and service tickets with it. I paid 2200 dollars for it. I bought it for a house and 7 acres my wife and I recently purchased. The house is over a 100 years old and stood in the middle of pastures but has since been over taken by blackberry bushes. My huskvarna was getting it's butt kicked everytime I tried to knock those blackberries down. I am hoping I can mow quicker, clear those blackberries and smooth out that old rough pasture. I will be looking for a tiller as I like to garden and have lots of room to plant in. I will post pics tomorrow for all to see.