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  1. Wheelhorse427

    K181 governor problems

    Sorry about the delayed response. I tried adjusting the governor this morning, but my engine won't start anymore. It has intermittent spark, so until I fix that I won't be able to mess with the governor. By the way, I tried adjusting the throttle bracket but it didn't fix the problem. Once the engine was above idle it would surge to about 3000 RPMs and stay there, even with the throttle cable closed. I plan on checking the governor gear stop screw to make sure the gear is still in contact with the camshaft gear.
  2. Wheelhorse427

    K181 governor problems

  3. Wheelhorse427

    K181 governor problems

    The Kohler K181 on my 855 will only rev to about 2500 RPMs. When I pull the throttle cable out the whole way with the engine running, I can see the governor arm push the throttle back down. I have adjusted the governor by the manual 3 or 4 times, but it made no difference. I'm pretty sure the throttle linkage is hooked up correctly because the throttle will open the whole way when the engine isn't running. Do I need to replace my governor gear? Thanks in advance.
  4. Wheelhorse427

    2018 Group Photo; please identify yourself.

    #23 is Wheelhorse427 Aidin
  5. Wheelhorse427

    Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I like that idea stevasaurus That might be the easiest thing to do and it will get all the tight spaces that I can't get my fingers into
  6. Wheelhorse427

    Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I'll see what I can get at the hardware store or online maybe try the diesel
  7. Wheelhorse427

    Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    http://www.axaltacs.com/content/dam/NA/HQ/Public/Cromax/Documents/TDS/CX-TDS-3919S-Eng.pdf this?
  8. Wheelhorse427

    Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    Ok thank you Should I wash it off with the hose when I'm done to get rid of the diesel, or will it evaporate like gas?
  9. What do you guys recommend for degreasing a K181, but saving the original paint. Pressure washer? I have the engine mostly apart right now to clean and put on new gaskets/seals. I have been using Windex and paper towels, but it takes a really long time that way.
  10. Wheelhorse427

    Wheel horse plethora

    Sorry to hear about the embezzlement Dave. I have bought several items from you before. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.