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  1. Indy w h

    15 inch tires?? Ag - Turf?

    I've got a set of NOS 27-15's I'd sell you with rims if your interested
  2. Indy w h

    Hydro lift pump

    Hey old red rider. I sell kits for the Hy pumps and might have a spring Send me a message and we can go from there
  3. Indy w h

    My new 702

    I'm glad you like it Clay !! There's a few tractors left if your interested in buying anymore. @ Stevasaurus I told ya Steve that there all going up for sale !! I've had enough and it's time to move on !!
  4. Indy w h

    Exhaust Port inner threads bad

    Karl There just standard pipe thread
  5. Indy w h

    Portland Indiana swap meet pics

    4 days of 70's and 80's was the weather !! It's the first year that there was no rain in sight !!
  6. Indy w h

    Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

    Get here early decksetter !! I'll be pulling out around 1 pm
  7. Indy w h

    Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

  8. Indy w h

    Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

    I'll be taking kohler engine parts , re-coils , tins , heads , blocks , 701 parts , re-build kits for the HY-2 & 3 pumps , cylinder kits , Tecumseh engine parts , re-coils , tins , a set of C-175 front rims and tires with tie rods , mower decks , gauge wheels , some double "D" spindles , 702 dash tower W / HY-2 lift arm , ETC,ETC let me know what your needing
  9. Indy w h

    Help ID Wheelhorse 552?

    It's not a 552 Like TT says it could be a 633
  10. Indy w h

    Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

    It's getting close !!! Time to start loading the trailer !! If your looking for any parts let me know !!
  11. Indy w h

    HY -2 & 3 belt guard

    I sent you a PM Little Red
  12. it's only about a month away !! I'll be there with less than usual. If anybody needs round hood parts '61-'64 (no ball burners) ask away !! I'll also have the 1 piece hydraulic lift lever NLA oil seals and the HY -2 & 3 rebuild kits Along with the lift cylinder rebuild kits Don't be afraid to ask me to see if I have what your looking for !!
  13. Indy w h

    Need an ID off evilbay

    Looks like a 702 that had the HY-2 on it
  14. Indy w h

    1045 ID plates

    Now Scott how do you know that's the one I'm looking at ?????
  15. Indy w h

    1045 ID plates

    Thanks everybody !!