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  1. Trevor.......... Did you ever find a way to get the PTO shaft apart ? I have a tiller exactly like this and the the main clog behind the pto shaft is busted. Cant find one any where. Ive looked here and on amanzon with no luck . Rick P.S. If anyone knows where I might find a gear box for a model 50TL01 I would like to know . Thanks
  2. RDHale

    Tiller parts

    I have a model 50TL01 wheel horse tiller. I shattered from the u-joint to the first cog inside the gear box. Anyone know where I might find these parts.? Rick
  3. RDHale


    Hello everone from central Oklahoma. Just bought a 1976 d 160 that has been stored for 20 some odd years . Going to be asking a lot of questions. Rick