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  1. DevonianHorse

    1975 Wheelhorse C-100 Restoration

    Hi all, the Wheelhorse is now running very smoothly, and the electrical and charging issues are fixed. I still need to touch up the wheels and sort out the seat, but for now here's some pictures from a nice autumn drive
  2. DevonianHorse

    Some new machines

    Very nice C-100! Though I have to admit I am jealous of the hubcaps!
  3. DevonianHorse

    1975 Wheelhorse C-100 Restoration

    Hi all, I managed to find some footage of the Wheelhorse from 2007, and thought you may want to see I will post a new video soon, now the restoration is almost done.
  4. DevonianHorse

    Hung my new sign up

    Fantastic piece of history! Great sign!
  5. DevonianHorse

    1975 Wheelhorse C-100 Restoration

    Hi all, I have made some progress, I have removed all the rust, and painted the Horse The quality of finish isn't too bad and I have added the decals. She needs the seat recovering and some engine/electrical work,and the wheels painting- once that is done I will upload a video. But for now, here is a pic!
  6. DevonianHorse

    What's Green and Yellow?

    Ok you genuinely made me laugh out loud with that misleading(?) title! Great tractor, what a beast, I have never seen a Yard Man like that before.
  7. DevonianHorse

    1975 Wheelhorse C-100 Restoration

    Hi all, thank you for the positive responses! I have have some small updates on the project, I have now finished the prep work on the hood and along with the other body panels it is ready for being taken off, rubbed down and painted. I also did some wet and dry rubbing down on the Wheelhorse in situ, it will need more work but it is a start. (I also re positioned the exhaust so it won't blacken the pulley). The seat is off, ready for some sanding, Kurusting (a product that converts rust) and re-upholstering. I will keep the logo from the original vinyl though: Finally I shall paint and attach this hood ornament that Glen made when the project is done, but shall drill the holes for it before I paint the hood: Looking underneath the tractor, it is in really good shape after the 2010 rebuild, no rust at all, so this isn't going to be a complete nut and bolt restoration, because a lot of that is already done
  8. DevonianHorse

    2 854 repair estimate needed.

    That really sucks. I hope the repairs go well and best of luck sorting out the insurance.
  9. DevonianHorse

    2 854 repair estimate needed.

    What happened to them, if you don't mind me asking? I hope you can get it all sorted out!
  10. Hi all, greetings from Devon (England)! I am new to this forum and I thought I'd post the restoration of my 1975 Wheelhorse C-100. I have begun some restoration work on my 1975 Wheelhorse C-100. This was my first ever mower and I have owned this tractor since I was 15 (I am now 26). It was for sale with a local garden machinery place, we have a garden/woodland on a hill and my parents had said I was allowed to buy a lawnmower on the condition it had proper/good brakes, I think they were worried because my grandfather's Lawnflite had a fairly weak brake that failed once on the hill, though luckily no damage was done. I saved up and eventually we went to a garden machinery shop and I remember seeing a red Wheelhorse outside the shop, and finding it a really nice looking machine, (and it had proper brakes!). After speaking to the owner of the place he said he had one identical but a little rough "upstairs". They kept their mowers stored in this sort of old wooden barn attic with a hydraulic lift to access, so we went up and amongst all these modern plasticy lawn-tractors was this really cool looking Wheelhorse, paint all peeling and dented, but to me it was amazing. Here's a picture of when I got it home: I repainted it in 2010 and did some repairs, and although the finish was OK, it's picked up some scratches, wear and corrosion from years of use and storage. I have decided to repaint it now, as I would like to put decals on it and really finish off the restoration. It won't be as perfect as some examples I have seen, but it should be a really good looking Wheelhorse. I also wanted to take the opportunity to remove some dents in the bonnet, it is hard to see from the picture above but someone might have crashed it or crashed something into it at one point because the grill was dented in a few places. I mostly fixed this in 2010 but I wanted to get the last little dents along the side of the grille sorted this time. Anyway, that's the story so far and I will post more photos of the restoration as it progresses Jon