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  1. Firebug


    I know it’s an old post but thought it’s a shot in the dark. Would you happen to have an engine mount bracket/ plate for the 314. I just acquired one and the plate isn’t on it. Thanks, bill. 330-760-1688
  2. Firebug

    D 200 decals

    That helps, thank you
  3. Does any one have pics of the tunnel area of their d 200 between the seat and control panel. I’m looking for the decal locations for anything in that area. I’m also looking for pics of the hood latches. I pulled mine apart for repaint and can’t remember how they go together (my fault for not taking pictures) I appreciate any help
  4. Does anyone know of a company that makes replacement wiring harnesses. I’m looking to replace 45 years of repairs to my 74 d 200. I’d like to find one that is complete that I can just plug right in. I know they are readily available for classic cars but I’ve never seen one for a vintage tractor
  5. These are my other 2, there’s a difference in the location of them. I guess it doesn’t matter where they go, just so they are on there. Unfortunately I sold them before I could get measurements of the placement
  6. Ok, I think that’s what I was looking for, apparently there was no specific placent of them when they were original. Was there a significance in the colors? Different years, models, etc
  7. They look great. I’ll definitely be looking for those for my next project. Still looking for the proper placent of the hood decal though.
  8. Truthfully I’m not sure where the decals came from. My dad ordered them and gave them to me as a gift.
  9. I was curious if anyone knows the proper placement of the hood decals for a 74 d200. Looking on line I’m seeing quite a few different locations and different color stickers. Some are white letters with a red background, some are black letters with a white background. The kit I bought is red with the white letters. As far as placement I’ve seen it almost centered along the bottom edge of the hood, others are centered approximately 1-2” up from the bottom edge. Any help on the proper placement is appreciated. And what does the different placement and colors signify. Thanks guys
  10. Firebug

    D series hitch

    Changed Price to 50
  11. I have a 60 inch finish mower for a d series. This is a solid mower. Surface rust but no rust through. I just cleaned and lubed it today. Could use a belt and blades sharpened but still works great as is. I do use it periodically but my needs have changed. Also has the mulching plates on it. Im really not sure what it is worth, I saw another one on here for 2000 but it was all repainted and gone through. ’m asking 1400 or reasonable offer. What I’m in need of is a d series tiller. I’d be willing to trade the mower for a tiller. Call bill at 330-760-1688
  12. Firebug

    Same starter

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if the starter is the same between a k341 16 hp single and a k532 20hp twin. I have an extra starter from the single. If it is the same I’ll keep it as a spare.
  13. Firebug

    D series headligh panel

    I have a headlight panel from a d series tractor. It is in pretty decent condition for its age. It has the buckets and lights installed. The buckets are cracked but still hold a light tightly. I have 2 available. The other is in the same condition but the rubber grommets are good and it has no bulbs in it. I’m asking 40 or best offer for each one. Call bill at 330-760-1688
  14. Firebug

    D series hitch

    I have a d series stationary hitch for sale. This part is used but in great working condition. Has all the parts to it including bushings. Similar ones are going for around $70 on eBay. I’m asking $50 or best offer. Call bill at 330-760-1688
  15. Firebug

    Koehler coil

    I have a coil, condenser and points from a wheel horse d 160. This if for the Koehler single. Coil came out of a good running tractor till the internals went. Everything is useable but I would advise on changing the points and condenser for how cheaply they can be purchased. I’m asking $30 or best offer. Call bill at 330-760-1688