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  1. Wild Bill in VA

    700 prices

    The engine is not original, if you see the white paint on the side cover this indicates a replacement block. Now it still might be a H-70 but it is a replacement. The steering wheel has been replaced, look to see what may have been changed to make that steering wheel work. At $550 and the tractor is a good runner it is not a bad deal. Wild Bill in Richmond VA
  2. Wild Bill in VA

    RJ58 Steering Wheel/Shaft

    Years ago when restoring my 1961 model 701 I had the same problem with the pin stuck in the steering wheel and shaft. Using a 100 ton shop press it took 7 tons of pressure before the pin broke and the shaft was pushed through the steering wheel. There was no damage to the shaft or steering wheel I just had to replace the pin. Don't give up looking for a RJ-58 steering wheel as somebody must have one for sale being they are quite common. Wild Bill Richmond, VA
  3. Wild Bill in VA

    The REAL Wheel Horse

    Interesting to note that square Wheel Horse logo that was used on both of the colliers of the harness did not come out until 1962 of which this horse set up was probably made in the 1960s . ANDDDDD they just had to put 4 of the square logos on because the hood of the 702 only had 2 ! Neat find in a museum ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  4. Wild Bill in VA

    Where is the AMC Jeep/Wheel Horse from the early 80's

    We had a Wheel Horse Jeep Jr at the Annual Wheel Horse Show quite a few years back. As I remember it had lots of "off the shelf" Wheel Horse parts incorporated into the unit. The owner was a Oliver and Wheel Horse tractor collector but his name escapes at the moment ( I think his first name was Phil). I'm thinking there was only 3 of the Jeep Jr's made and one was in England. He told us that the Jeep could do 35 MPH and gave us a little demonstration of it capable speed ... it was fast. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  5. Wild Bill in VA

    Carlisle 6/12 Farm Specialist tires

    Some where in my garage is a set of those extinct Firestone 23 degree 23 x 8.50 - 12 tires that have never been mounted and one Carlisle 6 x 12 AG tire marked WHEEL HORSE that is N.O.S. , these were made in the mid to late 60's . Any body have another one that they might want to sell ? Carlisle has made many of the tires for Wheel Horse but it is interesting to note that you could get a tractor from Wheel Horse with rims made by Firestone that had Goodyear tires mounted on them ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  6. Wild Bill in VA

    do we have an area?

    Ok so let the guy throw out the first price. Has he got replacements for the tractors ? If so a cheap price is what you throw back but if he still might need them he might need a higher price to help him let go of the tractors. It is very hard to give price evaluations with out seeing of looking over detailed photos of the Wheel Horses. Market value, depending on where you live can easily determine price, a Wheel Horse Pennsylvania is worth more then one is southern Arizona. Are the tractors running and have you taken them for a test drive ? Any hydrostatic Wheel Horse should be driven for at least 10 minutes to see if the transmission is in good working order. Check the engine oil and look them over to see what kind of maintenance they have gotten over the years. Remember it's your name that is on the line when making deals, you get a tractor cheap because you fast talked some little old lady and she finds out .........she just might not tell you about her friend who has a perfect condition RJ-58 with all the attachments for sale. Sorry for the rambling on but see what the guy wants for them and if your willing to pay the price then you both should be happy. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  7. We left for Maine on the 20th of July and then to St John New Brunswick Canada, traffic in New York and Connecticut wasn't the best but the fun we had and things we saw made up for it. Enjoyed Portland and Bangor, from there to Calais and across to St Andrews. The road from Bangor to Calais had more American flags then Washington D.C. ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  8. Wild Bill in VA

    What is it?

    Judging by the design and use of the shift knob (with round circle center), steering and sold non pneumatic front tire it was made from 1958 to 1962 but the brand is unknown to me. Maybe Rugg or Snapper. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  9. Try to find any 6 or 7 hp short framed Wheel Horse model made from 1963 to 1969 for the parts your looking for. A 1961 or 1962 have a different lift mechanism and will not interchange. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  10. Wild Bill in VA

    5025 5053 transmission axle bearings

    Let's keep in mind ...... once again Wheel Horse used up lots of old parts. The bronze bushing (# 1503) was a industrial standard part and Wheel Horse purchased lots of 'em, now since the Lawn Ranger was not designed for ground engaging attachments and did not need the reliability of the Torrington needle bearings here was a way to use the supply of bushings up. Now the steel flanged hubs I mentioned were on this transmission. I have not had a Unidrive from a 1045 opened BUT since this model did use old and new styled parts (old round hood fenders with the new square hood) I would bet they might have used the #1503 bronze bushing too. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  11. Wild Bill in VA

    5025 5053 transmission axle bearings

    OK let me chime in here YES some of the Lawn Ranger Unidrive transmissions used a bushing at the axle ends and if I remember correctly it was early 1965 was the last they used the bushings. The ealry 1965 Lawn Ranger also used a steel flanged axle hub instead of the cast iron hub. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  12. Wild Bill in VA

    160C 8 speed not going into low range

    Mark, Take a quick look at the roll pin holding the Hi/Lo shift lever and see if the pin is worn or missing. Like Steve was saying the Hi/Lo shift fork is not the strong point of this transmission, from low oil levels to hard shifting the flat part of the fork wears faster and will bend or because of being worn will not have the throw to complete the shift. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  13. Wild Bill in VA

    Are the RJ attachments

    Hi Neil, You lucked out on the RJ-59 (I say 1959 because it was the 78th tractor made over the 1958 20,000 unit production, but note the use of the RJ-58 serial number decal) and you did ok on the cultivator and disc BUT MAN did you really get lucky finding a PH-181 Harrow. The drag harrow ain't easy to find here in the colonies but to find one in the United Kingdom WOW ! You have seen what Wheel Horse parts are found at the Annual Wheel Horse Show I think after 20 years there may have been one at the show and I have only seen one other for sale ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  14. Wild Bill in VA

    First wheel horse purchase.. need some knowledge!

    Sparky it is a 1964 year model Wheel Horse. Oh yeah don't tell your neighbor Anthony that a Briggs and Stratton is really a low grade economy Tecumseh ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  15. Wild Bill in VA

    First wheel horse purchase.. need some knowledge!

    OK now this here's the "I'm still not under standing then BUT" department about the 1964 model 1045. From the information I got from Wheel Horse years ago about the model 1045 that it was only produced for 3 months in 1964, August, September and October BUT I remember seeing a photo of a 1045 manual with a and I think it was a April or May 1964 date hand written on the front. So I'm not sure BUT I do know the 1045 was not a common Wheel Horse model and the one pictured here in this thread is a extremely nice example with the original front tires. The seat pan should be the flat square type with cover. The 1045 is one of the few short framed Wheel Horses that used the larger block Kohler engine, the other is the 1075 made in 1965. These Kohler's used a smaller oil pan with special connecting rods that had a dipper scoop for oil instead of the long tail type dipper. I had used my 1045 in a few stock tractor pulls and I would leave the mower deck on ........ with the front wheels up in the air you could see the blades on the deck ..... I did this to show the folks "Yes it's stock and I cut my lawn with it" ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA