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  1. ScottM

    plow part

    You can make them fairly easily. I just made the long one the other day in about ten minutes. Buy some 1 1/4" x1/4" flat bar at local hardware store long one is 12 1/2" Long with 3/8" holes 11 1/2" on center. Short one is 5 1/2" long with 3/8 holes 4" on center use 3/8 clevis pins or 3/8 bolts.
  2. I would like to buy pretty much any spare parts or implements for a 520h I also need the blade positioning handle for a 48" dozer blade.
  3. ScottM


    Thank you for the manual and parts list.
  4. ScottM


    Thanks everyone I've been trying to get some pics to post. Between work and home projects haven't had a chance yet. I think I'm going to buy one of the long lift brackets on here to get some down pressure on the blade. My tractor is a 92 model does anyone know if I will have clearance issues with the steering box I've played with it a little in the yard. I love it so far the deck weighs a ton. I think I'm converted from cub to wheel horse now. Anyone had any experience with the gt series? Guy I know has a gt 18, gt 16 and a gt 14 for sale all for 1200. They are running with decks and decent shape.
  5. ScottM


    Hi everyone just bought my first wheel horse tractor today. And I think I'm hooked already. I bought a 520h with 48" sd deck and 48" push blade. Also has the hitch on rear already. I'm excited to try it out tomorrow on the yard.