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  1. can i install a newer type fender/seat on a 1973 tractor 1-0475 10 auto without modifying dont have access to welding

  2. I used a ih-1 from tractor supply for 30.00 bucks
  3. Ron Krause

    trans oil

    Thanks guys but my tractor has a sundstrand and it has no hoses for any lift it's just a reg trans i am sure on the dipstick it is reg oil so I think I'll drain and change with 10w-30 and change filter Ron
  4. Ron Krause

    trans oil

    need help! I have a 1973 model 1-0475 10 automatic. The tag on the side of trans says to use type A fluid but when I check the oil in it it is the 10w-30 oil cause it does not look pink like atf. This oil was not change in 30 years looks like new still. I would like to change this spring. Someone let me know what to do. Ron Krause