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  1. Frank The Tank


  2. Frank The Tank

    mule drive

    I've been searching for the answer to this question as well. I have been scouring eBay, Craigslist, and forums alike. It seems these mule drives are rarer than gold.
  3. Frank The Tank

    Snowblower for sale

  4. Frank The Tank

    60 in Mule Drive.

    Thanks for the reply Skipper. Do any look like the one shown in this post?
  5. Frank The Tank

    60 in Mule Drive.

    Anyone ever build or fabricated one. I might try to fab one. . .
  6. Frank The Tank

    60 in Mule Drive.

    I just found out, after destroying a new belt that I need a special mule drive for my 60 inch deck. I bought a 520H with a 60 in deck this year. I just taught myself how to weld and fixed the height selector. At least I have that going for me. After a little research I found that I need the special mule drive.... Does anyone have one?
  7. Frank The Tank


    I'm still in need of that Eaton trans axle. 👍 😁
  8. Frank The Tank

    Hello Red Square.

    I was a member of a few different auto and hobby forums over the years. I figured it would be good to introduce myself and have some interaction prior to going straight to the classified section. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. I look forward to doing the 1100 upgrade. Then maybe I'll start the search for some other implements. My old wheel horse runs pretty strong since I've replace the fuel line and filter. She's due for some fresh oil and an air cleaner.
  9. Frank The Tank

    Hello Red Square.

    I've never owned a quad. Sorry. Wasn't me. I used to frequent oldminibikes forum with the same handle. Friends and family called me Frank The Tank well before the movie Old School, in case anyone was wondering.
  10. Frank The Tank

    Hello Red Square.

    I am a 516H owner. I'm 32 years old. I inherited my Tractor 🚜 from my father a few years back. He decided to purchase a 56' cub cadet to mow his 5 acres. It still takes a long time to mow but he takes his time. My wife and I moved to a home with 2.3 acres. The Eaton 700 is taking a dump. I'll most likely be posting in the want section for the 1100 set up. I know this is what I need after the research I've done here. So, Hello and thanks for any advice and the warm welcome I expect from this great forum.