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  1. Had the first snow of the season, about 6 inches and the new to me snow blower worked great. After using it, I was going over the instructions once again and found that I am missing something referred to as the discharge chute wire. Number 21 in the below picture, part number 12-2040. What is this for and do I need it? This thing is a blast, I can't wait for the next snow.
  2. That is pretty funny, looks like it works well though. So far mine still seems to be working fine. Airflow is constant and no indications of overheating. I can see the argument that it might cause long term issues, but I keep thinking back to the way it was before. I would have to remember every 15 to 20 minutes to clear the screen and when I lost track it would overheat. This would happen more often than I care to admit. So I think I'm better of with a small airflow restriction than having to let the engine cool off after overheating every few weeks. I guess time will tell. I am going to remove the shield when I pull the deck off and install the snowblower.
  3. Now that I've mowed a few times with this shield, I thought I'd give an update. So far it seems to work great. No problems with overheating, airflow seems good and it is such a pleasure to not have to clean that screen multiple times. Leaves do fall into the opening so I'm thinking of adding a wire grate on the top and it obviously could be a problem in winter with snow building up in it, so I'll take it off when I install the snow blower. But overall I couldn't be happier. I've also been doing some research. The John Deere 420 used the same Onan P220G from 1987 to 1991. It came stock with a shield that seems to have a similar opening smaller than the one I made and as far as I know doesn't cause any issues. Does anyone know why it might end up being a problem on my 520H and not on the Deere?
  4. Thanks for all the comments. Regarding removal and re-installation, I added 3/8 holes above each of the bottom screws and put a plastic cap over them. That allows room to put the screw head through. I am a bit worried about about air flow, but so far the air being pulled through seems sufficient. It's definitely better than the partially clogged condition it seems to be whenever I'm mowing. So I'm going to monitor the temperature and see if I need to open it up more. I think that engine cooling screen would help, would love to get my hands on one.
  5. I was frustrated enough at constantly needing to remember to clean the blower screen on my 520H that I decided to fabricate a fix. It's not pretty, but so far it seems to work. I used 22g galvanized riveted together. I thought it was important to use the original screen and hardware to attach the shield as I didn't want to risk any hardware getting into the spinning blower. The hardest part was getting the side of the shield to clear the brake when depressed. The airflow seems good from the top and I haven't seen any overheating, but time and weather conditions might affect that. If I do have issues with air I can easily open up the top.
  6. I bought the tractor a couple of months ago and have been slowing cleaning it up and looking for a 48" deck. Well I now have it together and got some seat time mowing yesterday. Wow, it drives and mows nicely!! Tons of power and way more maneuverable than I expected. A huge improvement over the Craftsman lawn tractor I've been using. I mounted gator blades above and at 90 degrees to the regular blades, so my clippings are very small. I had read that it was important to keep the screen on the engine blower clean, but I had no idea how quickly it would get clogged. I had to clean it 3 times in the hour and a half it took to mow my lawn. I was wondering if anyone has made a shroud that forces the airflow to come from above? I think that would help keep the clippings away from this intake. Thanks for any help
  7. toddr

    Wheel horse 520-h part out & more

    I'm interested in the deck if the sale falls through.
  8. Thank you for this information. I think you just saved me a lot of aggravation. I was going to look at a 42 side discharge tomorrow. What part of the deck hits?
  9. I just picked up my first Wheel Horse, a 1996 or 97 520H with 356 hours. It runs great, but looks like it was stored outside from the surface rust I'm going to need to work on. It came with the 2 stage snowblower, but no mower deck. I'm really looking forward to using the snowblower on my 500 ft driveway come winter. In the mean time, I want to set it up for mowing, so I'm looking for a 42 or 48 inch deck. This brings up my question on the mule drive, from the picture can anyone tell if this is the drive for the 60 inch deck or will I be able to use it with the smaller one I want? Oh, lurking on this forum already cost me $250. After seeing it, there is no way I can live without the pedal mod. Thanks in advance for the help