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  1. landrover nut

    Started on the commando

    Hi Neil, I'm just the other side of town, just off docks end of kendale road.
  2. landrover nut

    Started on the commando

    I've not had much spare time this week but we did get started. First fix. Front axle pivot 100 thou oversize vertically and 40 thou over horizontally. And the pivot pin very badly worn out. So new pin made and chassis mount drilled out to 1" to allow a spigot bush to be welded into place. New pin uses a roll pin through the bush to keep it in place and still uses spring clip on the front. I know it's not original but i think it should be a good permanent fix for what will be a working machine. managed to get the front beam painted yesterday but no pics yet, hopefully get the chassis done this weekend.
  3. landrover nut

    New member from UK

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. The repairs are well under way. I will start a new rebuild thread, in the appropriate section, once it's got a bit further along. Cheers for now.
  4. landrover nut

    New member from UK

    Hi all, just picked up a '72 Commando 800 as a restoration project for my daughter, Rosie aged 10, and myself. Here it is with the proud new owner. And now the real fun begins.