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  1. Maintenance Man

    WH 310 Seat

    Purchased 310 Jun2017. 4th owner. Have first owner documentation. Believe seat to be from 1989 original purchase. Just replaced seat with tractor supply model.
  2. Maintenance Man

    37" WH Rear Grass Bagger (single bag)

    Recently purchased double bagger. No longer need this single bagger that came with 310 purchased Jun2017. Have original bag plus spare that came with WH purchase.
  3. I have a twin bagger from my mtd white horse that is in good condition. I suspect I will need to buy a discharge chute from the deck but have not engineered how to attach to my 310-8 37 inch wh mower deck. Any suggestions?
  4. Maintenance Man

    Ignition Swich 310-8

    Bought 310-8 1989 a few weeks ago from 2nd owner who apparently did not use much and sat in shed for 6 years. I have all wh manuals and parts lists. Did not start with key but would start just fine jumping solenoid. Changed out solenoid with tractor supply solenoid. Still did not start with key. Brought to wh good local repair shop I was using with mtd that died (plastic trans gears). Local repair shop replaced 111970 switch asm (service) which I think is the clutch neutral safety switch (located under gear plate). Local repair shop ordered ignition switch over a week ago, still waiting. Needed to mow lawn so brought wh home yesterday. Still having to jump solenoid to start and pinch gas line to shut down. My ignition switch assy is part number is 111216/111216. Looking at my 310 wiring diagram I have 6 pin. On line I see ignition switches at tractor supply. They have two mtd with 6 pin. Specs on this one (MTD Ignition Switch, OEM-725-1396) appears that it could work. I might also take out my defective one and match up? Suggestions/comments?
  5. Maintenance Man

    Safety switches locations 310

    hows this
  6. Maintenance Man

    Safety switches locations 310

    Thanks for your comments Tractor purchased in 1989 by ordinal owner from dealer. I've got id no from plate to left of seat but it does not seem to help in online info searches.
  7. Maintenance Man

    Safety switches locations 310

    Just picked up 310-8. Third owner but previous owner stated only using tractor for a few hours then decided to buy zero turn and put 310 in shed for 6 years. I have file on 310 including owners manual. Tractor won't start unless I jump solenoid. Put in new solenoid from tractor supply. Still won't start unless jump solenoid. Batt ok. I'm no mechanic. Told by mechanical friend could be one of safety switches. Unless I'm missing something all documentation does not give where the switches are??? Can anyone tell me locations of all safety switches? I'm guess seat switch is under seat. Research in this forum indicates clutch safety switch under shift panel plate but can not confirm. If I can get to the switches I don't mind doing the repairs but if I can't find them I will have to take to local mower repair shop who will service my 310. Can anyone help?