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  1. Chuck14025


    Thanks also for the photo of the connector. That helps.
  2. Chuck14025


    Thanks for the input guys. I had to pull the battery. Found the 9 pin connector under the plate that supports the battery. Could not get the plate out without dismantling the guts of the tractor. Tried to take the sheet metal off the left side. Not a good idea. Will try to free up the cable brackets to free up the connector.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to get at the 9 pin connector under the battery platform on my 520H. I have pulled the battery out and the front plate off the dash (under the gauges) and the left side panel. Do I have to take the entire center of the tractor apart?
  4. Chuck14025

    Motion Control lever

    Any thoughts on adjusting the friction collar when it is put back in would be helpful.
  5. Chuck14025

    Motion Control lever

    Anyone know the size and pull of the spring that pulls the brake lever back? Any tthoughts on where to get a replacement?
  6. Battery voltage is 13.5 when I try to start. Voltmeter on dash shows 8 volts -- indicates a short in the connectors or wiring. Can you tell me where the 9 pin connector is located on the 520H?
  7. 12.6 volts in the battery and at the starter connection. 10 volts on the gauge. Nothing when key is turned on.
  8. Chuck14025


    Information and photos regarding a cracked frame are on a posting July 19, 2017 titled "Friction Collar Rod Seizing" Also, my information relates to a C120 model.
  9. To help understand how a friction collar works: 1. the collar rides on fixed shaft that run through 2 holes in a 'square' frame attached to the control handle, (the shaft is held firm by a bolt through the tab on the left side of the tractor frame - if the tab is broken, it must be fixed or the friction collar won't work) 2. fixed in the right side of the square frame (that holds the friction collar assembly) is a threaded bolt without a head, 3. instead of a head, the 'bolt' is square on the end to take a 5/8" wrench, 4. the nut that takes about a 1" wrench serves as a lock nut, 5. loosening the lock nut (adjustable wrench will fit) will allow one to turn the 'bolt' thereby tightening or loosening the pressure on the spring. 6. it may only take 1/16 to 1/8 of a turn of the bolt to get the adjustment right. Try it in small steps - don't overdo it. The whole assembly needs to be clean. NO lubrication. Members have suggested using PB blaster to clean the assembly. The whole assembly will come right out and go back in by just removing the bolt that holds the tab. If you're having severe shifting problems there may be a cracked vertical frame assembly. It is the part that attaches to the transmission with 4 bolts. If it is cracked, you must fix it. Daveoman has a series of photos and may make parts for you. Would someone please tell us how to find the info on the cracked frame on the web page.
  10. Chuck14025


    Dave, I got it working by putting shims between the vertical frame member and the transmission to give clearance for the cam pin; that worked. The braces you made are unbeatable. Now I have to figure out how to adjust the friction lever. Thanks for all your help. Chuck
  11. Chuck14025


    Thanks Dave. I had the pin in the wrong hole on the nylon cam. Once in the right hold the pin still hits the front of the transmission. Loosening the top two bolts of the transmission allows the shift lever to work correctly but, now it seems I need to shim between the transmission and the top of the vertical plate so I can tighten the top two screws. Chuck Whoa. Let me try taking the shims out of the bottom. The bottom of the trans case had been welded at one point and is distorted. We'll see it removing the shims works.
  12. Chuck14025


    i HAVE finally made time to install the brackets but now I can't get the friction control arm to line up with the hole in the right side of the frame. I suspect the transmission might be tilted to far toward the front of the tractor preventing the cam pin from fitting into the nylon cam. Would additional washers/spacers in the top two bolts of the vertical plate correct this problem? Also, I remember seeing photos about jacking or blocking the transmission during the install process but can't find the photos. Chuck
  13. Chuck14025


    Dave, Your photos are excellent. Very helpful. Very encouraging. Going to rain here today and tomorrow so I can't even get the tractor apart until Tuesday. I have very little experience drilling holes in steel. I have a set of drill bits but not sure of the quality of the bits. I do have a good 1/2" drill. If I have trouble, is there a type or brand of bit you would recommend? Chuck
  14. Chuck14025


    Saturday noon. I have to work on the tractor outside so not its a waiting game with the rain before I can take it apart. Will let you know the length of the bolts asap.
  15. Chuck14025


    Your money is on the way via US Mail. It goes to Buffalo, then Rochester to the sectional center, then to Pittsburgh, then to Sagertown. You may get it Monday, it not Tuesday.