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  1. Alwill

    Loaded tires

    Cool idea might do also have pair of 80 lb lead weights to much?
  2. Alwill

    Loaded tires

    Loaded tires enough 42'' plow on my 312h?
  3. Alwill


    I made lift from a pallet lifter had table made at metal shop holds my goldwing great
  4. Seat lift cylinder needed any body got one?
  5. Alwill


    Just 2 buds and it works great Deck lift works immediately
  6. Almost done new drive belt on the way
  7. Just  redone 312h 1990 any tips new to site

  8. Alwill

    312 won't drive

    Found problem new very expensive hydraulic hose won't flow blocked solid
  9. Changed oil and hoses on lift now trans won't pump need primed? 1990 312h