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  1. thanks everyone for your response. i have told my friend to order a new key, and get a new battery and everything should be fine .
  2. still need to ifure out what that box is..... has 3 posts they're labeled s, b, and h
  3. being that the wiring diagram,what were discussing and what i see. there is no continuity from the ground to the accesories, (i can never spell that word right sorry hahah) only from ground to the magneto. with the key on theres is only continuity from the batt. to the magneto, and nothing from battery to acc. or batt to regulator. or regulator to acc. sounds like i have a bad switch.
  4. Hi everyone got another wheel horse im working on.. this time its a friends 312-8 im trying to figure out why the key wont turn the engine off... i hooked up the magneto ground to the switch like ive seen and when i do that with the key in the on position it shuts down. When i turn the key off it runs off i have continuity at terminal g-m nothing at "a" on i have nothing except continutiy at the "m" and start i have continuty at the trigger i also saw this in the mix of tryig to wire everythig... what is it?? Thanks everyone
  5. i need the entire mule drive not just the cover just messaged you email and info thank you
  6. hello i live in ny im looking to buy a pair of rear hubs, a front mule drive for the mower deck, the cover plate, an a intake assembly for a kholer k301 the cover, all hardware, the backing plate. the cover plate tells you which direction the transmissions going and labels the parking brake and seat latch
  7. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    Ok i can do that
  8. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    Ok so as long as i cam find 1 of each of those bearings i will be ok? I found some results on amazon and ebay.
  9. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    where can i get them from?
  10. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    so yesterday i changed the battery cables, bumped them up to 6 gauge wire, also installed new band clamps with rubber around it. i found out that where i mounted my starter solenoid that the hood brace was touching the power terminal on the starter side of the solenoid so i had to flip it like this. the part circled is the mounting post the hood was hitting and arcing off of. so i clean the carb, pour some fuel in it and it runs... the pto even works!!!! but the bearing is blown out of it so i have a friend that makes high speed bearings, he can make bearings for me if i cant find new ones. other then pieces to function n saftey like the shifter cover plate and the mule drive this things ready to go. thanks again everyone. when i do the resto, ill be sure to post the build up! pto works i just need bearings
  11. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    Thanks everyone!!! I figured it out that it was the points werent gapped properly. Thats why i didnt get spark. No it backfires because the intake valve is hanging open. and i know i need bigger gauge wire it was temp job i did. It was just what i had laying around for the time being. And id rather keep the pto electric since i have nothing invested in it yet. by the way... I thought the metal sleve is where the wiring went because thats where it sat when i first got this thing. so when i get home i will move the wiring and when i go to the repair shop this weekend ill get the proper gauge wiring i need. I will also move the battery ground to the engine block bolts
  12. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    I just took the last few hours to get this done but i wanted to share what it looks like now that i re-did everything.... Before... What i pulled out... after...!!!! I got it to turn over! I got the lights working and i got power to the pto switch!! The pto bearing is blown out (thats why theres no fuse in it. I was going to use the inline glass fuse but i dont like the considerinng there fragile. I went to a car show yesterday and a guy had these inline fuse holders for $2 a piece and i bought the solenoid from advanced auto for $10+tax. i mounted the solenoid behind the dash in a place where you wont be able to see it so unless you pull the tank you wont set it anyway. Thanks everyone for the help. I have another problem where i dont get spark to the plug. But i have friends that can help with that part. Im so happy with the outcome of the job. I hope everyone is happy with my work. I may have to modify a few things but at least the stuff work!
  13. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    so this is the wiring diagram ive decided to go off of. the only thing im going to do to modify it is, off the key acessory have 2 wires come out of it. then they'll go to 2 inline 15amp fuses. 1 will go to the headlight switch the to my head lights and tail lights, the other will go to my electric pto switch. at least if the lights blow i can still cut grass or plow snow or whatever im doing. so i went out bought 2 inline 15 amp fuses and then a 30 amp fuse for the starter solenoid. i still need to go get a 4 post solenoid. in the event that someone or myself is wrong for having a 70 amp key, at least i know that ill blow a fuse to the starter before i burn my key up if we're wrong. i was going to run the lighter off acessory as well then to another fuse but i dont think i want to put it in. i wouldnt need it unless im charging my phone while driving. again ill post up progress pictures along the way. thank you to 953 nut for supplying the diagram and ideas n explanation this is the most simplistic you can get with wiring this.
  14. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    Soooo i need a solenoid?..... because uhhhhh i did have that magic smoke hahaha ive cleaned everything up and starting new now!!
  15. 1.big.l

    70' electro 12 wiring diagram

    Heres the back side of my key switch