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  1. KeithB

    953 getting some action again!

    Good job :)
  2. KeithB

    12 HP pulling win

    Thanks, i have only gone to 3 pulls so far this year, but have 2 wins, so i fell pretty good Plan to pull Sunday
  3. KeithB

    Grabed a 12 HP Stock win in Deposit NY

    thanks yall :thumbs:
  4. KeithB

    12 HP pulling win

    thanks yall :thumbs:
  5. there were 15 tractors in the class got a win in 1050 class and 3rd in 1100 pound class Pretty good day
  6. KeithB

    12 HP pulling win

    another pic
  7. KeithB

    12 HP pulling win

    Have only made a few pulls this year so far but got a win yesterday. There were 15 - 12HP stock pullers, so never dreamed of winning, but got the balance right and eked on out a win in the 1050 pound class and got 3rd in 1100 pound class.
  8. KeithB

    1st Wheel Horse

    Welcome and congrats :thumbs:
  9. KeithB

    New Here - C-120

    Nice C-120, GREt model of WH :D
  10. KeithB

    Ready to roll

    with the rain off and on i never thought to get some pics, will try and get some next pull
  11. KeithB

    Bainbridge pull

    Congrats :D
  12. KeithB

    Ready to roll

    very true, they were fun to watch as well :D
  13. KeithB

    Ready to roll

    we got the pull in but was long day waiting out the rain and drying the track
  14. KeithB

    Ready to roll

    As i was loading i was singing "Raindrops keep falling on my head"