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  1. Mikey the Monkey

    14HP B-80

    Really like that color scheme Chris, great custom
  2. Mikey the Monkey

    What’s your favorite movie or series?

    I recite Smokey and the Bandit, and Blazing saddles quotes every day you silver tongued devil you
  3. Mikey the Monkey

    So...Who got this deal???

    I think we should see some pics of your score
  4. Mikey the Monkey

    Bit of a sad day

    I think it's a bit of a stretch to say farm animals are injected with growth hormones and antibiotics it's whole life. There are very strict rules and testing to make sure there is no antibiotic residue in any food you buy at any store.
  5. Mikey the Monkey

    Can you add steps to a "stirrup tractor" ??

    The steel is 1.5 inches wide by 1/4 inch thick. I can put all 199 lbs on it no problem. I like how they look. Interesting add on by original owner who's been gone a long time.
  6. Mikey the Monkey

    Wheelhorse tractor

    We were up to Prince Edward Island last month. I didnt any Wheel Horses up there and I was really looking. Were there any dealers up there? Beautiful place by the way
  7. Mikey the Monkey

    The REAL Wheel Horse

    That looks like the actual Wheel Horse emblem on those yokes. There must be a connection
  8. Mikey the Monkey

    NYS Pageant of Steam

    I stopped by your booth today skonk and you were no where in sight. Someone said you got thrown off the grounds for making rude comments about Farmall guys mom's.
  9. Mikey the Monkey

    Value of deck

    Keep it a deck and tractor are worth less separately than they are together
  10. Mikey the Monkey

    New York to Nebraska

    Awesome awesome
  11. Take your Horses trail riding!
  12. Mikey the Monkey

    NYS Pageant of Steam

    Thanks for thinking of me skonk! I'm gonna try to go Saturday, I don't think my horses are pretty enough to show though
  13. Mikey the Monkey

    Points push rod

    Thanks for the info. I got the wrong pushrod.