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  1. paxz71usa

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    Hello Razorback, to ! I have a 1973 12 Automatic Wheel Horse and wouldn't not give it up. I mow with it, pull a wood splitter in the woods and haul wood. After 45 years it is still running strong. Of course I've had the help of the experts from this forum to see me through a few problems. I wouldn't hesitate a minute to take that C-160 home. Nice looking machine. PS. Two years ago my daughter bought a place on a river about 15 miles west of Hot Springs. I just returned last week from helping her with a few chores around her home. I must say that I have never been anywhere else in the country where people will go so far out of their way to be helpful to a complete stranger. When I'm there I feel as though I've lived there all my life. Gary
  2. I was wondering if anyone had a cure for leaves packing in the mule drive idler pulley guard. Obviously the quickest solution would be to remove it, but...... Any other ideas. They pack in there very very tight. PS. I live in a woods. Gary
  3. paxz71usa

    North of 49th New Guy

    Pretty hard to find Wheel Horse JUNK, but you can always make them better. Gary
  4. paxz71usa

    RV Questions for national parks

    Hello wh500special, My wife and I have spent quite a lot of our trips out west in National Park campgrounds. We have a 35' fifth wheel. We've not been to Yellowstone, but have spent most of our trips in Southern Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and North East Arizona. The down side of our bigger RV is, even though the Parks are in many cases over a million acres, the campgrounds where made years ago and larger RV and campers can be a real challenge to get in and some even limit size. With that said the upside to staying in the park is that you are there! Two years ago we where in New Mexico with a first come first serve campground (only 20 sites). Needless to say we where not one of the lucky ones. The next closet campground was 95 miles!!! We made this trip three days in a row. The other thing to keep in mind is not to try to visit several parks in the same trip. The distances between parks in the west can be hundreds of miles and the bulk of your time is spent driving. PS.Since my wife and I love to hike we usually spend several days in one park. What we have found is that most people tend to come in, go to the visitors center, watch a video, walk on a paved path to see some artifacts, buy post cards and then leave and drive several hours to do the same thing at the next park. If you get a mile or so away from the visitors center we rarely encountered many people at all, so plan at least one long walk or hike. Hope you enjoy your trip and fall in love with the west like we did! Gary
  5. paxz71usa

    Hello everyone! New here

    Pretty sure you've come to the right place to find WHEEL HORSE NUTS. And good advice. Gary
  6. paxz71usa

    1998 312 8 New to me

    Hello John, to Gary
  7. paxz71usa

    Greetings from the Sooner State

    Welcome!!!!!!!!! James TO Gary
  8. paxz71usa

    Pto clutch modification

    Hello Jerry, Is the issue with your PTO electrical or is it the clutch itself? I'm not familiar with the clutch itself, but I had issues with the coil that engages the clutch when I bought my tractor (1973 12 automatic). I tried repairing the coil with limited success so that's not a good option if this is your problem. I posted my issue here and had an offer for a used coil the next day which I purchased and I'm in my second mowing season with it. I also was checking around and found at least one electric motor rebuild shop that would make a new winding for the coil. I haven't done that yet but I saw one that they did and it looked very professional and well done. However it was much more expensive than the used one. I'm looking to keep my tractor as original as I can, so I'm not ready to think about the change over to manual PTO yet. Good Luck and to . Gary
  9. paxz71usa

    New Horse Man

    to Gary
  10. paxz71usa

    Hello from Western PA

    Welcome Daron1965!!! Gary
  11. paxz71usa

    1973 12 Automatic Parts Manual

    Thanks Garry, That's what I've been missing. Not sure what I did, but I had the drive belt cover off to check the idler pulley and spring and then reinstalled it. I mowed with it and started smelling rubber. The belt was starting to fray. Obviously I had the belt routing wrong with the guides on the inside of the belt guard. Looks like a new drive belt is in the works for me! Thanks again, Gary
  12. I'm looking for a parts break down on a 12 Automatic. I have the owners manual that I downloaded awhile back, but there are no parts shown. I also have the sunstrand manuals. If a parts break down does not exist for this model is there another model or year that would be close? Thanks, Gary
  13. paxz71usa

    Old friend

    Or the old guy running it! Between mower and mowee there is 112 years of mowing experience here! . Gary
  14. paxz71usa

    Old friend

    Stubee, I just posted in another thread that after using a few newer tractors for my Father and Law and a couple at work, (all John Deeres) my 45 year old 12 Automatic Wheel Horse is by far the best of the lot! Hoping it out lasts me. Gary
  15. paxz71usa

    New User - Old Tractor

    Welcome Doc to Gary