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  1. MikeT

    312-8 fuel pump

    Don't want to hijack this thread but I am having the same no start issue with my 314-8, I have done exactly the same things and other than purchasing 3 pumps. I was just about to buy a pump before I read this. where would I find an electric pump for my tractor , I think I would rather change to electric than cross my fingers with a mechanical pump
  2. I just bought a home and the previous owners left their old wheel horse, ( not sure of the model ) its been painted over, the deck is removed and in the shed, a plow is hooked up to it and it is the only thing they used for snow removal, and the driveway is long. anyway behind the shed is this very same Vac, it obviously had not been used in years and is in sad shape.
  3. I would like to thank all of you for your comments and suggestions, all are invaluable, I have to say this forum is unlike any of the others I have joined for information. Anyway, I took the starter out and took it apart, cleaned it up and used a dri lube when I put it all back together , I removed all the tins and I cant believe the amount of crud there was behind it all, I took the opportunity to give the tractor a much needed once over and I am very happy to report that it fired right up at the turn of the key, no noise from the starter no drag just a healthy whir of the starter spinning the flywheel, now as to the year of this tractor, I bought it from a buddy of mine in 1989 with 20 hours on it, I thought he said he bought it new in 1986, I was wrong it was 1985. again I would like to thank all for your comments.
  4. Im going to give everything the once over, nut and bolt all grounds, see what I can find, What stumps me is the one time I turned the engine over by hand clockwise and counter clockwise it seemed to free up if that makes sense and it fired with a turn of the key. I tried the same thing again and continued to blow fuses. I need to get this machine working again. I really shouldn't complain, its been a workhorse all these years.
  5. First I would like to say hi to all, I am new to this forum and there is a wealth of info here, I have a 1986 314-8 that has been bulletproof since the day I bought it, just recently it started blowing its 25 amp main fuse, it only blows when I turn the key to the run position , turning the key to the on position does not blow the fuse. if I jump across the solenoid the starter spins but it does not engage the flywheel. turning the engine over by hand I can hear some rumbling coming from the starter and only once after turning it over by hand was I able to start it with the key without blowing the fuse. Is it possible that the starter is bad and creating the dead short? From time to time I would hear the starter drag a bit before it would fire, but not all the time. The battery is new and the charging system is working or at least it was before this. I can hear my grass growing as we speak, HELP.