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  1. Red Kote all the way. I have used it on a lot of motorcycle tanks and had NO problems at all. The nice thing is you can buy it at O'Reilly's Auto Parts. If you were to mess it up Red Kote can be removed as for POR-15 and Kreem I don't believe you can. My 2 cents.
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    I believe it is a 0 but not betting my life on it
  3. We had around 6 inches with high winds Friday night into Saturday so before heading into work I gave the GT 14 a good workout. Wow with the throttle up this thing is a real tank! I will give her a good once over today to make sure everything held up. Once again thanks for all of the help, PS...I posted the Ranch King on CL Wednesday and sold it on Thursday...it had been a nice tractor but was no longer needed (:
  4. Pinball

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    Artfull Dodger do you have any pctures of your WH/Yanmar baby? I was just looking at the little Yanmar diesels on eBay for a spring time project.
  5. Thanks 953. I have tried turning the knob but it doesn't seem to work with mine. The idea with the clothes pin sounds like a winner to me. I will make sure I keep it throttled up. Thanks again
  6. Well I just got my Frankenstein-Plow done today. I did have to cut the mounts off of the old plow and weld some new ones on lower like they should have been. I reinforced the front quite a bit and made a new arm , lever and push rod to angle the plow. I took it for a test drive and pushed the snow piles back to give it a little run and things now work as they should. I will give everything a good coat of paint in the summer but for now a spraying with a can should help keep things form rusting this winter. This thing sure seems like a tank but we will see when the snow flies. I also added a set of semi chains that I cut down to help with traction. I do have 2 questions... Where do you keep your throttle when plowing? This thing seems like it would plow at idle but I was thinking about half throttle. My throttle will not stay where I put it...is there a way to lock it in to a position? Thanks for all the help, now bring on the snow
  7. Pinball

    So who plowed today?

    I got in just over 36 hours of plowing at work and around 3 hours at home. I have still been using the GT14's backup until it is finished (a Ranch King) but can't wait to plow with the Horse. I almost took it for a drive though the snow in the yard but figured it would be easier to work on if it wasn't covered with snow soon...real soon. Here is my toy form work...the only problem is the mailboxes... we were out yesterday replacing a bunch. Got to love it
  8. Thanks 953. I have the teeth off of it in the picture as I was digging my creek out and wanted in smooth. I think if I lower the mounting point it will help some. I hope to know more tomorrow after I cut the mounts off.
  9. A loader is on my wish list I am not sure what the weights came off of but for $25 I was willing to take a chance that they would fit. I had to drill some holes in the wheels but it was well worth it. They weigh 65 pounds each. Here is my little homemade digger ... a loader would make moving dirt a lot easier, but it is one of those things I can't see me buying unless I found a great deal...I am very cheap Looks like it is time to get the band saw and welder out tomorrow and see if I will be able to mock something up. Thanks for all the help, Scott
  10. Thanks for the picture of how it should be mounted to the original plow..that will help a lot. Now all I need is a picture on the other side. True the mounts are sad but that can be fixed. When buying non working things you see a lot of screwed up stuff but that is more then half the fun Motorcycles, Pinball machines, Tractors...there are a LOT of POs that should never put a wrench to anything. Like I said I will cut those mounts off and weld some better ones on at the bottom of the plow. I am sure I will have to make a custom lift bar as well to fit this Frankenstein-Plow...but once again...half the fun is getting it to work. I have another tractor to plow with until this one is ready. I only had to plow once here last year...kind of sad. Thanks again for the picture. Scott
  11. I bought my first Wheel Horse this past Spring ... a GT 14 but need some help with getting my snow plow on and working like it should. I have never seen this plow on the tractor but it came with it so I am hoping it will work...even if it needs a little loving to do so. The numbers on the plow are 06488C01 39219. It doesn't have the original plow on the front as someone has replaced it with a craftsman. The plow can only be lifted about 3 inches off of the ground before the A frame hits the front end so I guess I will need to cut and reweld the mounts a little closer to the bottom of the plow. I am missing the arm to angle the plow and was hoping I could get someone to measure theirs up for me so that I would know the measurement above and below the pivoting bolt and how much of an angle the top half has. I am also missing the lifting arm but I guess the length of that will depend on how it all goes after I move the plow mounting points moved. So I guess my questions are: Is this the correct plow for my tractor? What are the lengths on the arm that angles the blade? and Could I get a couple of side pictures of a GT 14 with the plow on so I could get a better idea of how this should all hook up? Thanks for any help, Scott
  12. Well my GT 14 is back together for the most part...just the rear lights to wire up and the seat cushion to redo. I went out to remove the pump this past weekend and just couldn't do it. It runs and does pull so I decided to leave the freshening up of the pump for another time. I just have too many things going on to jump into this right now. Rather than working on the pump I finished the paint and put it all back together including the new wheel weights. I still need to get the plow ready for winter but that is something that I can do in the fall after my Son's wedding in September. I have a ton of questions about things I want to do to this tractor but will wait until I am ready and have a little more time. Thanks for all of the help with it so far. This is a great forum and I have a lot of reading to do over the winter. Here is what it looks like right now. Time to sell the Ranch King Thanks again for the help.
  13. eagle4@zoominternet.net Thank you
  14. Thanks Dave but for some reason my computer will not let me open it after I downloaded the file. I just got done pressure washing the parts transaxle and will remove the charge pump as soon as I get a 5/16 12 point socket. They were using the rototiller when they broke the shaft so I am hoping the Limited Slip Differential parts are in better shape in this transaxle. I will resurface the skippers and cylinder block base and hope for the best. Where do you get the material to make the gasket for the pump housing and how thick should it be? One thing at a time I guess thanks again for all the help
  15. Well it is all back together and it does seem to run better but I am still able to push the tractor, it is just not as easy as it was. I hooked my hitch to a tree to see how it pulled and now have another question. When pulling on something that is not going to move should both wheels spin? Only one of my wheels would spin while hooked to the tree and when I was trying to climb the hill. Thanks