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  1. Happy Birthday Fred!

  2. Big_Red_Fred

    Happy Birthday Fred

    Who's gonna buy my 417-8 to give me the cash to restore the 418A ? Get in your garages & barns , dig up that emergency fund
  3. Big_Red_Fred

    Happy Birthday Fred

    Thanks for all the Bdays fella's, i probably should have stayed in bed but i didnt & paying the price, Thanks again Jimmy Dad
  4. Big_Red_Fred

    Happy Birthday Fred

    Now you Boys know what sheriff Buford T Justice said ? Junior, aint no way in hell you came from my Loins, when i get home im gonna punch your mama rite in the mouth ! Good ole Jackie Gleason
  5. Big_Red_Fred

    Happy Birthday Fred

    My Oldman said he did some thing to a Flower pot & grew a Blooming Idot . See i was nice hahahaha
  6. Its BRF, Fred, my son called me, has a D200 & was putting that L shaped steering linkage on i got him, he broke his turning on a Incline, He said theres a Ball joint stuck in it ? Whats he talking about ? What ever it is takes a 9/16 wrench, he has my truck so i cant go to him, can you send me a break down of it, i asked fora pic but never got it, guess thats to much to ask him, Thanks, BRF

  7. Big_Red_Fred

    520H 60 inch Deck

    I screwed around to long, sold for 850 today, tho the 418A hes holding it for me, 400.00, if i dont want im sure ill get my money back at show ?
  8. Big_Red_Fred

    520H 60 inch Deck

    And that Man said he would think about it, what we spoke of, 400, see what happens
  9. Big_Red_Fred

    520H 60 inch Deck

    Sure as Hell aint going to his Barn hahaha, bringing that 34 foot by 8 tarp down, i will live in 1 half LOL, youd shoot me ole buddy, im hitting the sheets, dream of horse jumping a broken down Cub Cadet
  10. Big_Red_Fred

    Steering Column on 417-8

    The 520 sold from my other post, but the 418 didnt, hes holding for me, said Hydro is strong, another 1 for BRF Stable, get pics out when home
  11. Big_Red_Fred

    Steering Column on 417-8

    Pm sent, took him a Day before
  12. Big_Red_Fred

    Steering Column on 417-8

    @WVHillbilly520H Jeff said its worth it to, how should i check the Hydro ? With a Tree & chain ?
  13. Big_Red_Fred

    520H 60 inch Deck

    @elcamino/wheelhorse Jim make some dam room in that shed
  14. Big_Red_Fred

    520H 60 inch Deck

    The 417-8 has a Louvered hood
  15. Big_Red_Fred

    520H 60 inch Deck

    I will go get it, pm him now