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  1. kick

    48" deck redo

    Nice job. I have a 48” that needs a mechanical rebuild.
  2. kick

    Snapper Model#280845

    They are great little machines. Mine is a sr95 early 90’s model. Looks exactly like yours with black steering control and engine (they didn’t change much over the years). I use mine exclusively for mulching leaves in the fall. Snapper sells a mulching kit that includes a discharge block off and a ninja blade. Parts availability is good as well. Check out my tractor forum.com under garden tractors-snapper. Plenty of information over there.
  3. kick

    Muffler prototype test

    Ok. Thanks
  4. kick

    Tractor saw mill

    That saw would make a good movie prop for Saw X.
  5. kick

    Muffler prototype test

    Good feedback. I need to get one on order.
  6. kick


  7. I would be more than happy to do some long term testing for you and report. Also pay for the muffler as well. These are for 300-400 series single Kohlers correct.
  8. kick

    314-8 Project!

    I’m sure he was having a blast.
  9. Thanks for the compliment WHX21. They were $120 each mounted. The tire shop I go to is about 100years old and carries tires for just about everything from a John Deer 7330 to a Porsche 911. Fred Harz and Son Elmer, NJ
  10. I’ve been working on this 416-8 for a month now. Put on a new seat from northern tool. New fuel pump. Installed a brinly hitch (purchased from wheel horse parts and more) also added new tires, rear Carlisle trac cheifs-front Carlisle turf masters. I also repaired where the seat mount bracket bolts to the center console by beefing it up with angle iron. Of course still not done.
  11. kick

    314-8 Project!

    Nice tractor. I’ve been working on this 416-8 and just mounted these Carlisle trac chiefs. Hoping they will plow moderate snow here in jersey without chains and some lawn duty.
  12. kick


    Me too
  13. kick

    D -160 cooling fan

    I never new that some D’s came equipped with a cooling fan. Maybe only the twins. My single Kohler 341 D didn’t.
  14. kick

    700 prices

    I noticed the vertical shaft engine myself. I’m not that knowledgeable with the earlier tractors. Is it a lighter duty version or a totally different model?