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  1. Sandman330

    520H help for a rookie

    You have no idea how helpful your info was. Thank you Racinbob, gwest_ca, varosd.
  2. Sandman330

    520H help for a rookie

    Boy oh boy I love my 520H but I can not seem to find/read some of the numbers on it to look up my tractors info. It has a 20hp Onan that will need work soon. The tractor it self needs work. I am going to fully restore it but can't look for parts cuz I have no info on it. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Under the seat I find I.D # 3120OE01, then 15426 and what I can read of 9264???.
  3. Sandman330

    New to Wheel Horse need parts

    Thank you.
  4. Hi, I am new to the Wheel Horse "family" and in need of parts dealer . I have a leaking fuel tank on my 520-H. I have found a couple on ebay but that makes me nervous. Would like to find a goods parts place I can trust. Also does anyone here know where I can find a manual for a 520-H. I have soooo many Questions lol.