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  1. I have a transaxle from a 518XI that i have as a spare. I would like to put some caps on the two open hydraulic lines, but i am having some hard time figuring out the thread and type to mate with the existing tubing. Does anyone know the specs for can point me to a fitting that will work? thanks!
  2. If you need to go down this road; I may have a complete 518XI transaxle with hydraulic pump available for sale.
  3. Changed Status to Closed
  4. Changed Status to Pending
  5. Super clean later model 520XI, 800hrs 48" deck (8/10) 48" snow plow (5/10) mule drive (8/10) wheel weights (9/10) wheel chains (6/10) Original receipt, paperwork, manuals, maintenance records and all tags from dealer floor I "forgot" to tell wife about bringing this home last friday. She wants it gone. Gotta keep wife, not mower. ***Note: the engine turns over but wont start; didnt get to look at it to know much. I bought for parts with a hope of possibly fixing.*** All panels, hood, bumper are in great shape i would rate tractor at 9/10. No tears in seat. Steering wheel boot looks brand new. Over all great shape. will deliver for $0.50/mile each way up to approx 2 hours from 63005
  6. Berco

    Toro WH 5XI engine removal

    Great job and thanks for sharing! This is awesome.
  7. Berco

    Toro WH 5XI engine removal

    I am looking at maybe having to pull my engine on my 520XI. Is it as "easy" as: 1. taking off pto belt 2. disconnecting drive shaft 3. wiring disconnect 4. remove (4) engine bolts 5. lift engine from above are there any good sources for these steps in detail? or videos? i am striking out. thanks all.
  8. Berco

    Need 520 xi input

    If need be, i have a eaton 11 same as what you need (from a 518xi) that i just pulled from a parts mower that I will be putting up for sale. Just PM me in the meantime if you are interested.
  9. Berco

    52" xi series deck Wanted urgently

    there is a place by st louis that has 2 NOS in box for sale. 48" and 52".
  10. Berco


    what decks do you have for the 5XI series? Any 48" mulching?
  11. Berco

    52" 5xi deck 78370 like new

    Is this available?
  12. Berco

    520lxi starter

  13. Heads up for those in the midwest, there seems to be a good candidate for a project or fixer upper 522xi on chambana CL. I hope someone in the St Louis area grabs it so i can lend a hand an learn a bunch too (i currently own a 522XI). For $400 you get a 522XI with electric issues (wires chewed from mice), plus 52" deck and snow blower. I would be all over this but i do not have the time, money or space right now.
  14. I am interested. what is the best to get pics and more info?
  15. Berco

    522xi Electrical Problem

    i had a similar problem. it happened shortly before my battery died. I noticed that the old one did not have the correct CCA, but about half the requirement.