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  1. Horse's ass

    Proper belt for Wheel Horse c161 Auto Hydro

    Thanks! I’ll order the 84in belt then!
  2. Horse's ass

    Proper belt for Wheel Horse c161 Auto Hydro

    Is it the 106496 or 7478? I just noticed mine has a nice crack in it! Parts tree lists the 85in one as the correct part for the 78 c161 auto.
  3. Horse's ass

    Wheel weights

  4. Horse's ass

    Wheel weights

    After 65inches of snow in a few days, my horse keeps getting stuck with the blower. I’m wondering if the 12in wheel weights sold by craftsman or other manufacturers are compatible with my standard rear wheels on my c161. Will the holes line up? Thanks and Happy New Year!
  5. Thanks guys! I'll find it!
  6. I can't seem to locate the oil plug on the transmission/hydro of the C161 auto. Can someone please show me where the heck it is!?!? I would think it was right on the bottom somewhere near the filter but I do not see or feel anything that looks like a oil drain..... Thanks for your help, Eric