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  1. BigRed84

    Wheel horse snowblower

    PM's sent.
  2. BigRed84

    314 transmission fluid

    (Wiping sweat from forehead) haha. Thanks. I was getting worried that I've been running the wrong oil and ruined something. I recently even paid to have the original tractor shop we bought it from service it to track down the slowing problem. They said the same thing a lot of guys here have said. Adjust the friction bolt under the seat where the forward reverse linkage is. Its tight, but now i feel like its slower, haven't even had time to drive it around to see if it fixed the loss of forward speed issue but I'll update if it's still an issue. Thanks for the reply
  3. BigRed84

    314 transmission fluid

    Sorry in advance for bringing this back....again....I know I've even asked in the past after having little luck turn up in searches. I have the 314H from possibly 1995-1996 time frame. Trying to confirm what fluid to use in the fill tube that is under the seat pan. I assumed this was called the "rear end" like a car. But now after searching trying to figure out why my forward speed seems to fade unless i'm leaning forward on the lever, i'm worried something is wrong. Some people call this the trans, others say rear end, others refer to it as if they are talking about the "hydro". So now i'm just all sorts of confused. Can someone clarify this? As of now i've only replaced the engine oil, and the filter and oil that drains out of the "diff" (to be perfectly clear-the drain plug in the beafy eaton 11 housing between the two rear tires) and filled the fill tube under the seat with 10-30. But if this is the same that runs the hydro and forward/reverse, since when does 10-30 engine oil have the same properties as "hydraulic fluid"? and transmission fluid for that matter?? I managed to start a new facebook account recently and started following wheel horse fanatics and someone recently posted, and several replies about putting 90-140 weight in the trans. That's what started my second guessing. Please help!
  4. BigRed84

    1996 or 97 314-H update

    Paint is fully hardening after waiting all winter. Not even sure I want to put the hood stickers on. I love the custom rear with the flag though!
  5. Yea, I thought that may have been my problem when it happened the first time. This time with the second master link I specifically paid attention to the positive click/lock feel that you get when it engages the groove fully. Then I went as far as grabbing a small jewelers flat head screwdriver to see if I can fit it under or push it off of the clip, with absolutely no luck doing that I figured that means it was on securely. I will consider the direction of rotation next time I install it and hopefully that will help, if not I think I'll just find a dependable dealer to take a look since we are going into the off season anyways. Appreciate all the suggestions everyone!
  6. Picking up a chain breaker tool is on my list of things to do...haha. I didn't however, think about the rotational force being able to throw the clip....so I didn't pay attention to which direction I pushed it on. If that's all it is half of my will be happy that I don't have to spend anymore money, but the other half will be pissed that I couldn't use the tractor for this heavy storm because of my own stupidity hahaha thanks for the ideas fellas.
  7. Master link disappeared 10' out into the driveway. Ended up shoveling 8" of the heaviest snow I've seen.....all 70' of my driveway at 9pm last night. So angry/sore today.. hahaa more sore than angry. I can't get this thing right. Maybe I'm routing the chain wrong? Maybe the master link is junk?
  8. BigRed84

    Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    How long was I asleep for?? Haha, are these posts all from this past Saturday? I didn't even realize other people were seeing snow. We just got a ton of wind and rain. It briefly changed to heavy wet snow for about 10 minutes but that's about it here south western CT. Today is a different story. 6 to 8" on the way!
  9. Excellent. Thanks for the info! They updated the storm totals for my area....7 to 11" possible. I'm going to hit it at two points because the temps look warm, so I don't want to worry about having issues throwing 11" of wet snow. Does anyone else get excited for snow JUST so they can play with their Wheel Horse!? haha
  10. Sprockets - Check! I replaced the two smaller sprockets a few months back when I got rid of the old chain. The sprockets didn't even look like they had any bearings left. haha. (tail between legs) The only sprockets that are original at this point: Main sprocket welded onto auger (can this be torched off and professionally welded back on with a new one without jeopardizing balance or how straight the center tube of the auger is?) , and the smaller sprocket that doesn't have bearings on the horizontal drive shaft behind the housing. The teeth looked okay to me so I didn't think that was the issue. Although eyeballing it, looked out of alignment with the rest so I loosened the two set screws and bumped it over about 1/4". I managed to find a spare master link to reassemble it for the snow we are supposed to get tomorrow night! Looks like I'll be able to test it out after all. Has been in the 50s and 60s here for some reason, so I thought CT was done with winter. Tonight I'll run it for a few minutes, and then see if I can figure out how to get that tensioner sprocket tighter even with the chain putting resistance on it. As of now when I pull that front safety guard off that blocks the view of the chain, I can push and pull the chain in either direction roughly a half an inch from the neutral position. Is this too much slack? Thanks in advance for all the feedback! I'll also be attempting to tighten the PTO tonight.
  11. Thanks Ed, I appreciate the detailed response. I'll dig out the feeler gauges.
  12. I took the lower sprocket off and pulled the chain the other night, the master link was completely missing so I either didn't secure it properly or I have an underlying issue with worn sprocket teeth on the auger. As for PTO adjusting, I looked through the manuals posted here but it seems like they are all listed as "electrical". Does anyone have a link for a late 90's 314H PTO adjustment?
  13. PTO adjustment sounds like a winner, and thinking about the concept behind it makes perfect sense for the issue I'm experiencing. Thanks fellas! I'll post up when I find the right manual so I can do it the right way, and with any luck the 60 degree weather we are supposed to get here in CT over the next 2 days will disappear so we can actually get some more snow to test it out.
  14. Thanks Sarge, I look up the manual PDF. I'll inspect the sprocket teeth (assuming you're referring to the sprocket on the auger?) I replaced the two smaller sprockets toward the front of the housing when the chain broke last time. I think that leaves just the welded sprocket on the auger itself if I'm picturing it right? Will check when I get some time this week.
  15. Mornin'! Had another rare opportunity to put the wheel horse to use for this past weekend's 5" snow storm. Has roughly 750 hours on it. Runs great (kohler magnum 14hp). Two questions: 1. the belts don't slip on the pulley and the engine RPM's don't dip, yet the main drive (on the engine) pulley will slow down and stop when the snow is too heavy for it keep throwing it. How does that happen without the engine RPMS bogging down at the same time? Is there a part I can replace that slips or something? I'm talking as little as a few inches of wet snow, I tried a steady forward speed, I tried creeping forward...sometimes it just doesn't through it as much as a foot. But I would expect to hear the RPM's drop....any ideas? 2. I got 90% of my driveway and walk paths to the wood shed and side doors complete, everything seemed to be going perfect aside from the pulley slowing to a stop issue, and then outta no where, the auger chain snaps again. This is the second time. First time was a few weeks back, it was the original chain, and stretched so I believe it just jumped off one of the sprockets. I replaced it and I THINK I made it too tight, so it fatigued too fast and just popped. Is there a rule of thumb to follow when setting the chain tensioner sprocket at the bottom of the auger housing?