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  1. I decided not to even bother with an argument. I will take it as a learning experience and be sure to go into detail if there is a next time for this guy. When i got there i did ask for the original slip that the tech was taking notes on as i pointed things out. I remember specifically stating things like "while you have it, parts that you find worn out or damaged, if you can replace them go ahead" and specifically showed him the worn pin on the lift flag. I specified i wanter it repaired or replaced and they never even touched it after that. I will look into the other recommendations. The dealer said he thinks i shouldn't have a problem because he claimed the tensioner sprocket was bent...from wear in the housing that it bolts through. I can understand that being a possibility so hopefully thats it. The thrower worked fine other than throwing the chain. I will check for the proper deflection before snow season as well. Thanks for that piece of info! And thanks to everyone who chimed in with suggestions and info. Amazing support on this forum!
  2. Auger spins free and next to silently, and i also put a 2x4 under it and gentle moved it up and down to check for play in the auger which I thought would tell me if there was a sloppy bearing. There is no movement and it rolls freely by itself longer than my bicycle tire spins for. Haha I did however, ask this dealer to replace the bearings at each end of the auger just as preventative maintenance. I don't think they did that either. I'm going to do my best to be the calm one, but if he does happen to get aggressive and give me an attitude i'll post up the dealer name and the exact situation so everyone can give feedback and rookies don't go to him. Hoping for the best though.
  3. By the way....i appreciate all the quick replies with suggestions. Thank you all!
  4. I did push it back and forth by hand after running it. It appeared to have a common anount of slack....by common i mean in comparison to when i have checked in in past years while lubricating it, so I'm not 100% on what is an allowable amount of back and forth movement. All else fails i can remove a link and attenpt to tighten the sprocket that has the elongated hole as best i can.
  5. I eyeballed the sprockets to the best of my ability...is there a specific tool designed for this to be more accurate?...im certainly not claiming my eyes are spot on anymore haha. The sprocket teeth on auger and driveshaft dont appear to be worn too bad, although not sure what would constitute needing replacement. Otherwise i can try to remoce a link or two from chain, i dont recall doing that last year.
  6. To fully adresss what i tried to do last winter while this was happening, i replaced the chain, replaced master link twice, replaced the two smaller sprockets at the front of the auger housing, and then spun it by hand to make sure everything spun straight and free...which it does, ran it at full throttle just sitting in the driveway(we had no snow at the time to test it)for a few min with no problems at all, but then the next storm we got, i made it abkut 10' down the driveway and it threw the chain again. That's where i gave up.
  7. I'm going to pick it up after work around noon, I'm hoping they addressed everything, but over the phone he just told me they adjusted a pulley (on the belt side) that was slightly bent. I didn't want to get into an argument over the phone with him, but I feel like common sense says the pulley on the belt side would not cause the chain to jump off the sprockets on the auger side unless the entire horizontal driveshaft was bent as well. Agree?
  8. Good morning all, the short version is, I listed several (roughly 5 or 6) items that I wanted addressed on my single stage snow thrower, and watched the guy write down my concerns while I was pointing it all out to him, finally stating (for budget concerns) that I would like an estimate before any work is performed. Well, after it sitting there for over a month, they finally call me and explain the TWO things they worked on, and it was ready for pick up and what I owed for the work. Long story short, I'm heated that they didn't give me an estimate first, and that i'm 90% sure they did not fix the problems I asked to be looked into. Does anyone here in the (Shelton, CT) area have first hand experience with the tall chute snow throwers that fit the newer Tractors(mine is a 314H), and might be willing to lend a hand, or recommend an HONEST and reasonable shop that wont sit on my work for a month and then ignore my instructions? Last year it kept throwing the drive chain (not belt) anytime I hit snow with it (didn't matter if it was 3" dusting or 8" storm) and I can't figure it out, so i'm just trying to get everything back to like new condition, and possibly also learn how to set the PTO spacing for proper engagement. Will pay for your time! Thanks for any advice -Chris-
  9. BigRed84

    Wheel horse snowblower

    PM's sent.
  10. BigRed84

    314 transmission fluid

    (Wiping sweat from forehead) haha. Thanks. I was getting worried that I've been running the wrong oil and ruined something. I recently even paid to have the original tractor shop we bought it from service it to track down the slowing problem. They said the same thing a lot of guys here have said. Adjust the friction bolt under the seat where the forward reverse linkage is. Its tight, but now i feel like its slower, haven't even had time to drive it around to see if it fixed the loss of forward speed issue but I'll update if it's still an issue. Thanks for the reply
  11. BigRed84

    314 transmission fluid

    Sorry in advance for bringing this back....again....I know I've even asked in the past after having little luck turn up in searches. I have the 314H from possibly 1995-1996 time frame. Trying to confirm what fluid to use in the fill tube that is under the seat pan. I assumed this was called the "rear end" like a car. But now after searching trying to figure out why my forward speed seems to fade unless i'm leaning forward on the lever, i'm worried something is wrong. Some people call this the trans, others say rear end, others refer to it as if they are talking about the "hydro". So now i'm just all sorts of confused. Can someone clarify this? As of now i've only replaced the engine oil, and the filter and oil that drains out of the "diff" (to be perfectly clear-the drain plug in the beafy eaton 11 housing between the two rear tires) and filled the fill tube under the seat with 10-30. But if this is the same that runs the hydro and forward/reverse, since when does 10-30 engine oil have the same properties as "hydraulic fluid"? and transmission fluid for that matter?? I managed to start a new facebook account recently and started following wheel horse fanatics and someone recently posted, and several replies about putting 90-140 weight in the trans. That's what started my second guessing. Please help!
  12. BigRed84

    1996 or 97 314-H update

    Paint is fully hardening after waiting all winter. Not even sure I want to put the hood stickers on. I love the custom rear with the flag though!
  13. Yea, I thought that may have been my problem when it happened the first time. This time with the second master link I specifically paid attention to the positive click/lock feel that you get when it engages the groove fully. Then I went as far as grabbing a small jewelers flat head screwdriver to see if I can fit it under or push it off of the clip, with absolutely no luck doing that I figured that means it was on securely. I will consider the direction of rotation next time I install it and hopefully that will help, if not I think I'll just find a dependable dealer to take a look since we are going into the off season anyways. Appreciate all the suggestions everyone!
  14. Picking up a chain breaker tool is on my list of things to do...haha. I didn't however, think about the rotational force being able to throw the clip....so I didn't pay attention to which direction I pushed it on. If that's all it is half of my will be happy that I don't have to spend anymore money, but the other half will be pissed that I couldn't use the tractor for this heavy storm because of my own stupidity hahaha thanks for the ideas fellas.
  15. Master link disappeared 10' out into the driveway. Ended up shoveling 8" of the heaviest snow I've seen.....all 70' of my driveway at 9pm last night. So angry/sore today.. hahaa more sore than angry. I can't get this thing right. Maybe I'm routing the chain wrong? Maybe the master link is junk?