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  1. Dakota8338

    Sickle bar mower, David Bradley (two walk behinds)

    The DB looks to have good rubber on it. In addition to three WH tractors and several pieces of WH equipment, I also have one David Bradley with a turning plow, middle buster, dirt blade, sickle bar, rotary mower, cultivators, pair of disks and the frame to a wagon. I need to work on restoring the wagon, and since blades for the 'brush cutter' I have are no longer available, I retrofitted it to be able to use John Deere lawn mower blades. I like the DB's, but prefer to ride than walk these days.
  2. Dakota8338

    Bit of a sad day

    You certainly know what you are eating, when you raise your own livestock, and not eating that which has been injected with growth hormones and antibiotics its entire life. And that goes for poultry, turkeys, swine, beef, goats, & sheep.
  3. Dakota8338


    The walkers fill a niche, the small riders cannot and vice versa. I like the riders better, but for some things the walkers are still superb. I have an old David Bradley with several pieces of equipment, but without a reverse it can get in a bind occasionally. I prefer the Wheel Horses, but they are just too small for some things, so larger tractors also have their place in our lives.
  4. Dakota8338

    312-8 pto safety switch removal

    Personally, I consider safety switches were only installed for stupid people and attorneys. Admittedly we all have did some foolish things at one time or another, but that was not the manufacturers fault and if judges would throw lawyers and their clients out of their court rooms for frivolous things the world would be better off. Safety switches have caused me more grief during the past thirty years than anything else, because in most instances replacing them is the only way to check out their functional operation.
  5. Dakota8338

    '95 WH 312/8, no Crank

    Thanks FJD for your suggestions. I have been busier than a peg-legged man at a dancing contest the past few weeks, It doesn't seem I can solve one problem before something else goes wrong, so the more serious the problem the greater its attention, and the Wheel Horse seemed to be near the bottom of the pile. I am leaning towards the PTO switch myself, but I have been wrong in my assumptions and deductions before, so I try and rule out everything possible. In the interim I have purchased both a PTO & Clutch interlock safety switches, so I guess installing the new clutch switch and then checking everything will be my first move. If nothing changes, then I will remove the new clutch switch and replace it with the old one, then install the new PTO switch. If that does nothing then install the new clutch switch and see what happens with both new switches installed. If nothing then I am back to square one!
  6. Dakota8338

    You want a Hight Quality Zero Turn??

    The real advantage to the zero turn mowers is their speed, so far as only mowing grass is concerned. If mowed regularly the zero turns will leave the mowed grounds with a nicer finish than the tractor & rotary mower, unless a finish mower is deployed with the tractor. I have a lot of native (privet) hedge and do mow it, with my Scag Turf Tiger 61 inch zero turn, but when one goes much beyond small shrubs, they need to switch to the tractor & rotary mower. The tractor and rotary mower (but not a finish mower) may be slow, but it will clear the ground of anything in its path, and as has already been stated, the tractor can do a lot more too!
  7. Dakota8338

    '95 WH 312/8, no Crank

    I have a '95 Wheel Horse 12 HP Kohler M12S engine which just decides not to do anything when the key is turned from time to time. I know this is the third time. The first time I thought it was the seat safety switch, but while waiting on the safety switch to arrive and doing some other maintenance, I absent minded turned the ignition key and the tractor started. This past spring I gave it to my son along with a 42 inch side discharge mower to mow his grass. He has been mowing all year with the tractor without a problem until the most recent time when he went to mow and the tractor would not start. I did not really check anything, just assumed the battery was discharged and took the battery from mine and put it in his since mine is not needed until time for the fall garden. (The plans were to purchase a new battery for my own WH a 314/8, before it was needed this fall.) No problem with my battery in place, the tractor started immediately. He only had maybe a quarter tank of fuel, so he sent his wife to get a couple gallons of fuel while he was mowing. After the tractor was up and running, I brought the battery from his tractor home with me for the core charge on a new batter a little later this fall. When his wife returned with the fuel, he stopped the tractor and turned the ignition off while he filled the fuel tank. With the tank full of fuel he was ready to do some serious mowing, only the tractor would not start, and has not since. With that development, I checked his battery which I removed. Not a problem the battery is very much alive and ready to energize 12 volts. The battery, seat safety switch & solenoid have all been checked and passed, so the clutch & PTO interlock safety switches are about all that's left. Is there any diagnostic checks possible for either of these components with an ohm or volt meter or test light? Is replacement the only test for these safety switches? I did pull the wiring harness from the back side of the ignition module and brushed its contacts with a nylon brush and mostly dust was all that was seen, but just for safety's sake, I then used a stainless steel brush on the contact to remove any minor corrosion, I might have overlooked. No other corrosion has been found or noted. Also does anyone have a better detailed view of the PTO lever switch and components interaction than is found in the parts illustration? I am looking more and more towards the PTO switch as the culprit, but I would like to be able to confirm that before replacing a switch which might not be bad. There is some play in the PTO lever or engagement arm, but pushing and/or pulling on the engagement arm has thus far had no effect on the tractors inclination to start. Any suggestion or assistance will be most appreciated.
  8. Dakota8338

    Not Pretty but works

    Does anyone know where the "> Reveal hidden contents" came from or how to avoid it, or get ride of it, please let me know. I don't know where it came from or what I did for it to show up in my post! It certainly was not intentional.
  9. Dakota8338

    Not Pretty but works

    Functionality trumps looks any day of the week. But your set-up is not that shabby in the looks department. I'd say its a winner!
  10. Dakota8338

    Favorite hand tools/brands

    My first hand tools were S-K, and I also like Easco, but they both are rare down here today. They are probably my favorite brands, but if it is in the toolbox and it works when grabbed, it is my favorite at that moment! I also have some Craftsman, Powercraft (Wards) Penncraft (J.C. Penny's), Truecraft (Don't have a clue), Mac, Matco, Snap-on, Bonney, Wizzard (Western Auto), Williams, Husky (before they became a staple of Home they were better tools in my opinion), Ace (Ace Hardware), even have a couple of tools stamped Wheel Horse, Proto, Stanley, Rigid, Blackhawk, Armstrong, GearWrench, Crescent and I am sure I have others, forgotten long buried in the bottom of a tool box somewhere. Some I inherited don't even have a name and were supplied with equipment purchased. And there are a few cheap tools, purchased when something was needed at that moment. If the "cheapie's" didn't break, they ended up in the tool box too! Then there are the powertools, many with the same names, and some bearing other names like Porter Cable & Bosch and still many others, but the original topic said hand tools, so I am going to stop there.
  11. Dakota8338

    "Beast Covered In Mud"

    Teaching them early, how to play in the MUD!
  12. Dakota8338

    drive belt routing

    Boy Oh Boy, does that White belt stand out in a crowd! I haven't ever see one previously, but for illustration purposes, it sure makes a grand impression. A Maynard!
  13. Dakota8338

    Adjusting Clutch on 1995 312/8

    I purchased it used, at about five years of age, so it may have had the gas dampener originally, but it presently has the spring. To be clear, it came to me with the spring, regardless of what it left the factory with.
  14. Dakota8338

    Need help with price...

    How did the negotiations go? Did you get the tractor or not? Curious and all that!
  15. Dakota8338

    Adjusting Clutch on 1995 312/8

    Duh! I don't know where my mind was, when I wrote that. When originally adjusting the clutch length, thinking I was adjusting the clutch's engagement, the spring was right there. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was remembering there being a spring on the belt side of the transmission, attached to the pulley which engages the belt when the clutch pedal is depressed/released. There isn't! It seems the spring on the old C-141 is stronger than the one on the 312 (and that spring is nearing 40 years of age), so I am going to order a new spring for the 312. I do appreciate the assistance.