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  1. ebinmaine

    Collectibles, memorabilia, apparel

    I'm curious to see what the answer to this is as well so I'm going to sit here and watch what happens
  2. @Lane Ranger Thank you for the pics! Mine is definitely mounted backwards from that and maybe my rod is bent? I don't know. But it clearly interferes with my brake pedal. I'll try to snap some pictures later this evening.....
  3. Any chance I can get a picture of that when you get a free minute?
  4. ebinmaine

    older wheel horse tractor

    Can't see if there's a key in those pics. You get that Briggs running well you'll really like it. Nice engines. That'll be a good little horse for you.
  5. I didn't look at the manual yet but I did try flipping the lever. That made it worse. with the Z shaped Bend in the lever it moved it further away from the hood so it contacted the brake pedal even more.
  6. Trina and I looked at that last night. I was wondering if that was the case.
  7. I don't have pictures yet but I can get some later. I know that will be helpful but I forgot to take them last night. So here's what I know. When I bought my c-160 last year it came with a plow. It was delivered to my house and the plow was not mounted on it. I never saw this particular plow on that particular tractor. The plow I have is 42 inches wide and has a full frame as most of them do. The angle lever has the Z shape to it, NOT a straight stick of metal, and also bends slightly back towards the operator. When I am pulling the angle lever towards me to change the angle of the plow it contacts the brake lever. Any thoughts?
  8. ebinmaine

    HY-3 Drive Pulley

    PM sent
  9. ebinmaine

    704 Rebuild

    Making good headway there. Nice job!!
  10. ebinmaine

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    Awesome Sir!!! Well done...
  11. ebinmaine

    Gun deer opening day in MI

    I'm not a hunter but I know you have to tag every deer here in Maine so I guess that makes it obvious that you can't just leave them in the field
  12. ebinmaine

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Agreed I'm thinking if all four of those rear tires were liquid-filled it probably would lift a bucket full of stone. Two or three hundred pounds or more.
  13. The plow I have installed on the Patriot horse has some sort of junk built up around the pivot from the previous owner. It's difficult to move because it is Gummy and somewhat Frozen up. I figured on degreasing that some and then putting appropriate cold-weather lubrication on it. What do you all use? Thanks, in advance, for your answers.
  14. ebinmaine

    Allis D-14 value?

    I agree with the loader/backhoe being a good versatile choice. Please be careful here. Birds and other animals can and will move babies or eggs from your pond to another and wreak havoc on surrounding ecosystems. It may be better to stick with local native species. Check with your local authorities as to what live fish are legal for an outside water. Here in Maine they are extremely strict about enforcement of the fisheries rules and regulations and they definitely do apply to private waters.