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  1. Tim.0

    520 just quit

    Just guessing experts will be coming, something electrical; safety switch of some kind, key start switch, something in the ignition wiring which would cause no spark (something loose). Fuel vapor lock from being to hot could also shut it down, but I am leaning to a electrical gremlin. Tim O
  2. Tim.0

    312-8 electrical woes

    my story about a wire I had similar with a 8n tractor. The wire went bad at the starter. The wire which goes into metal terminal, inside the terminal the wire was bad. Over heated the wire with excessive cranking was the start of it I think and slowly just got worse from there over a period of time. To look at the wire would of never known. I was checking cleaning connections is how I found the problem (the tractor would not turn over) and at the time years ago I just used test lights or continuity checker, but now I use a multi meter. Multi meter are easy to use and learn should be basic tool in any mechanics or do it ur self backyard mechanic bag of tricks
  3. Tim.0

    312-8 electrical woes

    I am going to answer this post even though I think the OP is gone. LOL NO there may not be a melted spot and the chances are the wire (cable) is good, but there is always that possibility the wire (cable) is bad.
  4. Tim.0

    Won't Fire

    I you jumped the bat to the coil and engine ran then the coil is good, timing points etc. Now you have to go backwards from the coil to the start switch. Use a multi meter and turn ignition switch on and see if you have voltage at the coil ( positive side bat side of coil)), you should. You could have a loose wire, bad ground, bad fuse. I don't have the wiring schematic in front of me. You could of had a wire which was rubbing on something as example and had damaged the wire. I have also read on this forum there is some different ignition switches for the many wheel horse models thru the years, You have the correct switch? wired correctly?
  5. I change oil 3000 to 5000 in vehicles, guess im old fashioned. small engines I change as needed in hours or once a year. tractors I change once a year usually ( engine oil) I don't get enough hours on them to change the oil in summer. Oil , spark plugs , and air cleaners have to be about the cheapest basic maintenance there is and most important I figure.
  6. Tim.0

    C-125 Won't Fire

    If it was my engine just beside getting it going I would want to find the timing marks anyway. Never know might need them one day. Then I guess that's just me.
  7. Tim.0

    C-125 Won't Fire

  8. Tim.0

    C-125 Won't Fire

    really hard to tell from the picture..... the T and the S are not far from each other on the fly wheel
  9. Tim.0

    C-125 Won't Fire

    use a bright flashlight and go slow I would think you would be able to see it. Unless it was stamped that bad. I found mine and it had more rust on it than that, then maybe it was just stamped better. use your hand so you know your on the compression stroke and it might help narrow it down some. The rust may be in the stamp yet you might find the stamp by the outline. It gets frustrating I have been down this road before just take your time. Also when the points close make sure you have continuity you can use your multi meter for that. Sometimes the points need to be cleaned up some. Had this happen this spring when I try to start a ford tractor that had sat over a year. I tracked the problem to the points not making contact, but they were closing and gap was correct. I clean to points with emery cloth. Then rechecked gap,I rechecked with my meter and had continuity when closed, I didn't have continuity before. Put the distributor back together and tractor started right up.
  10. Tim.0

    C-125 Won't Fire

    IF you have a compression checker or gauge you can also use it to find TDC (top dead center). You can get a little tissue paper also and not plug the spark hole tight . but lightly tight an under compression the tissue paper should pop out this showing your on compression stroke and getting close to TDC to find your fly wheel mark
  11. Tim.0

    Charger 12

    Thanks for the info I was wondering I had no brake on my charger 12. Something I have not got to yet as have not had the time to keep working on it. Thanks Tim O
  12. Tim.0

    Loader questions

    maybe this help maybe not fluid power formulas .pdf
  13. Tim.0

    STP brand oil any good?

    I use a api sn rated oil or one of the latest API rated oils. I change oil at the specified intervals. I think the last oil I bought was oriellys because it was convenient and bought the cheaper 30 wt api sn rated detergent. The difference Im sure is going to be the additives. I am not as concerned who makes the oil for my mowers and tractors as it must have the API ratings I am looking for and it is changed when needed. Cars and trucks I run Mobil 1. SN is the latest api rating. some of these mowers I'm sure were using the older api rated oil because that what was on the market when these tractors (mowers) were made As a side note I did see a special on tv or some media station and it was year or 2,3 ago , but some stores ( whatever the specific name was ? doesn't matter) was selling older obsolete API certified oil which did not meet the demands of the new engines. Yes some people had some serious engine problems because they did not look at the API rating and or did not know what the API rating is used for. https://www.rymax-lubricants.com/news/api-specification-this-is-how-it-works/ Just my 2 cents and I am not looking to get into any oil debate Thanks
  14. Tim.0

    charger 12 new problem clutch

    I copied this Thank You Tim O
  15. Tim.0

    think I made another gardening mistake

    I use corn stalks from corn stalk bales and straw and leaves if I have them for mulch to keep the weeds down. Hay works good if its a clean hay with out all the grass and weed seed. The following year I plow it all under and start again. I used to use cow manure, but there is not hardly any dairy farms around as there was. When I had chickens I would take the manure and use a old milk can and mix the chicken manure with water and feed the nitrogen loving plants, tomatoes, squash. Have to me careful with that as chicken manure is so high in nitrogen. I have read wood chips, sawdust (theres more just cant think of it) will use nitrogen from the soil before actually providing it. Tim O