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  1. got it painted today. Going to do the shields when i do the foot rests
  2. Getting the mower deck ready for spring.
  3. andyk

    Tractors that got away

    I've had a several Gravelys I wish I hadn't sold. These are a few
  4. andyk

    Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    My 92 416-8
  5. andyk

    12” Rims

    The rims from my old Bolens 850 bolted right up.they looked identical.
  6. andyk

    Front tires for snow plowing

    I've had good luck with stock turf tread,
  7. andyk

    What is this?

    Hvac tech. I have seen them in older homes. mostly just laying around in the utility room.
  8. andyk

    What is this?

    I think it's used to hold an older sink to the wall.
  9. andyk

    mower deck care

    I've used Fluid film before, I think it works pretty good. http://www.fluid-film.com/